The trends shaping the face of beauty

Beauty trends change in the bat of a natural lift lash.

From activated charcoal to stand out pouts and powder-dipped nails to bakuchiol and lilac locks. It doesn’t matter how small you are, creating great customer experiences (CX) is the secret formula to winning and keeping customers in the experience economy.

Read on for the top five CX trends that will bring your customers closer and help you grow your beauty business. Download the trend report now !

Beauty Trend Report cover
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Trend #1 Digital brilliance

Digital is a mega-trend. Why? Few of us will head into a salon without at least a quick glance at the services page or its Google reviews.

Trend #2 It’s the little things

This trend is about showing your clients that you care. It’s the small touches and attention to detail that build up to create an unforgettable CX.

Trend #3 Giving the gift

Gift giving is an enormous trend – not only in lifting a person’s day but in transforming your beauty business.

Trend #4 Food for the skin
(and soul)

Beauty & wellness is a massive trend that keeps on growing as the Millennials wants more than just skin-deep beauty.

Trend #5 Be the brand

Trend 5 won’t take long to find, it’s YOU!