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In close proximity to our clients businesses

Proximity is our Brand discriminator

In the rapidly changing markets on which many of our clients are operating, a stable and smoothly functioning payment method is crucial. At CCV, we are well aware of this. That is why we want to be there for clients when they need us. At the stage where they are looking for an appropriate payment solution, as well as when they are ready to take the next step. Or in the exceptional circumstance when there is a malfunction. CCV is always close to its clients. Both physically and mentally. This is true both of our personal approach to advice and sale of our products and services, and of the way we design our services. Given our roots, we know what drives entrepreneurs. That is why we remain at close proximity to them.

We focus on solutions

We are much more than payment terminals

In 60 years we have acquired a vast store of expertise and experience in payment solutions. Although our roots are in technology, we are much more than just techies. We stand together with entrepreneurs, working side by side on new solutions to help them become even more successful. Both now and in the future. Your success is our success. We offer complete solutions and stability.

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Our Brand promise

Passionate about entrepreneurship

At CCV we feel entrepreneurship is the driver of success in every company. We want to help entrepreneurs strengthen it. We monitor relevant developments, and provide them with meaningful insights. Our solutions facilitate the total customer journey, generating maximum opportunities for their business. Their success is our success.


Our logo

CCV is a Monobrand

Four countries, ten sectors, different markets, more than 200 products and services with online and offline support. Although it is tempting, at CCV we don’t use any product labels or sub-brands. We strive to offer as complete a range of services as possible under a single brand name. This way, we can build up our brand consistently.

Our Typography

A Spot-on font family

The CCV brand identity can be recognized by its characteristic typography. The Foco font has the specific curves that are familiar from the curves in the CCV letters in our logo. And what is more, the look is fresh and contemporary.


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One global look & feel, for a consistent experience

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CCV is the blue brand

A functional approach on colour

CCV is the blue brand. We try to keep our messages as clean and fresh as possible, and so white is almost as important. Our secondary colours, green and orange, have clear functions. We combine freshness with warmth in our illustrations and use natural materials. That makes for a uniform offline communication and optimal ease of use online.

Proximity in a pattern

Each country and sector has its own pattern

In order to affirm our proximity to our clients, we have developed the Proximity pattern. For each branche, the pattern uses the icons related to that branche. For each country, a country icon is used (the Atomium for Belgium, the Reichstag for Germany and a windmill for the Netherlands). There is a general pattern (EU), a pattern for self-service (EU), and patterns for gastronomy and retail for each country.

The friendly iconography from the picons series makes us look even more approachable. We use the picons in other communications as well.


Our Building Blocks

Combine freedom with function

CCV has been using its building blocks for years in order to convey product specifications in a persuasive manner. We have now supplemented our house style with building blocks for thematic messages. Two areas that partly overlap with each other illustrate the ‘partnership’. Together you are stronger. As a designer, you are free to play around with the sequence of the areas. This way, each message will adopt the typical CCV look.

Our Imagery

Explore our data base

One of the most important building blocks of the CCV identity is the photography. Our database offers a rich variety of brand-specific images which highlight the proximity of the CCV brand. This image database is regularly supplemented and updated. By consistently using the central image database in every country, we can jointly build a consistent brand image.

Image data base

Our tone of voice

The typical CCV writing style

A writing guide has also been developed in line with our brand strategy. This guide helps not only with writing techniques, but it is also a source of inspiration. Our writing emphasizes our proximity to our clients, and stresses our shared entrepreneurship.

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CCV Baseline

Our online style

Domain of the UX'ers

Baseline is CCV’s design system where digital products come to life. To help you make design decisions that reflect the CCV values, we use the following design principles: User-centered; Simple and usable; and Form follows function.

In conclusion

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A visual identity has a number of clear principles; however, it is not something static. Hence, new expressions of the CCV brand will regularly be added to this brand portal. So be sure to check this CCV brand portal regularly.

Do you have any questions? Put them to your colleagues in Branding & Communication. They will be pleased to help you!

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