Contactless payment completely accepted


Half of all PIN payments are contactless

In 2017, the Netherlands logged more than €100 billion in PIN payments. Half of these
were contactless payments. The total estimated sales using electronic means of payment
was about €150 billion. The Dutch Payments Association revealed these figures today

The number of PIN payments increased by a whopping 7.8 percent to 3.84 billion
transactions in 2017. The share of contactless payments within this total has more than
doubled. In 2016, 24 percent of all PIN payments were contactless; last year, this figure
rose to 49 percent. The most contactless payments were made in supermarkets, the
hospitality sector and self-service sales terminals.
Small sum? (Contactless) PIN payment accepted
As a result of the significant growth in contactless payments, the share of PIN payments
for up to €5 has surged by more than 16 percent. Previously, customers would settle
such small sums by paying cash. The increase in contactless payments has caused the
average PIN payment to drop by more than one euro from €27.27 in 2016 to € 26.17 in
2017. Two-thirds of all PIN payments are for amounts of €20 or less.

« Last year, half of all PIN payments in the Netherlands were contactless »

Substantial increase in online transactions
In 2017, the total estimated sales using electronic means of payment in the Netherlands
was about €150 billion. The total is for cash desk and online, and includes PIN, credit
cards, iDEAL, PayPal, AfterPay and debit authorisation. The number of online payments
using iDEAL and credit cards rose sharply last year by no less than 30.7 percent. The
total number of online transactions rose to 455 million.

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