Payment just by scanning a QR code

Phone with QR Code

Payconiq available to CCV clients

As of 23 January, a new payment method is available: Payconiq. Users can pay online as
well as offline by scanning a QR code with their smartphone – which they always have
with them. This payment service has the potential to become the biggest in Europe. CCV
is the first company in the Netherlands to integrate this method into the available payment

Over 45,000 businesses in Belgium and Luxembourg already accept Payconiq. Payconiq
was also launched in Germany this month. In the Netherlands, ING and Rabobank
customers are the first to have access to the payment app. Other banks will soon follow.
CCV immediately integrated the new payment method in our payment solutions.
Payconiq is available to you from now on.
How it works
If you want to accept this payment method, you sign an agreement with Payconiq (you
pay € 0.06 per transaction). Then you can get started straight away because we have
already added this payment method to our systems. It is compatible with CCV Mobile
WiFi (VX680), CCV Mobile GPRS (VX680), CCV Smart (VX520 + VX820), VX820 ITS.
These point-of- sale terminals automatically generate a QR-code – you do not need to
install an app — that your customers scan with their smartphone. Your customers confirm
the payment on their smartphone with a fingerprint or a PIN code. Done. Just as fast as
using a debit card.

“Customers may forget their wallet sometimes, but they always have their smartphones
with them.”

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