CCV Pad Next

Digitalisierung am Kassenplatz

Kein Problem mit dem neuen PIN-Pad von CCV: dem CCV Pad Next. Mit der Möglichkeit, wie dem Auslesen von QR- oder Barcodes (1D/2D), der Beacon-Technologie und der Einbindung in die CCV acCEPT-Serverlösung und P2PE-Zertifizierung, eignet sich das CCV Pad Next besonders für den filialisierten Einzelhandel.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • Großes Display zur Unterschriftenerfassung
  • Frontkamera (vorbereitet) zum Auslesen von QR-Codes / Barcodes (1D/2D)
  • P2PE-Zertifizierung auf Anfrage
  • 8 x mehr RAM und 3 x mehr Flash Speicher als Vorgänger-Modelle
  • Zertifziert nach aktuellen Sicherheitsstandards wie PCI PTS 5.x, DK TA7.2, DC POS 3.0
  • Abgesetzter Kontaktlosleser am Gerätekopf, so wird beim kontaktlosen Bezahlen das Display nicht verdeckt

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Meet CCV IM30, our next-generation payment terminal

Are you ready for the future in self-service payment?
We are. The game changer in cashless payment

CCV IM30 will help you create the seamless purchase experience that your customers will love. This brand-new terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customization and use of applications. Android offers a familiar user interface and will intuitively engage
your customers.

  • Intuitive: Helps to secure operability and to establish trust with consumers.
  • Secure: Features high-end security which complies with industry standards.
  • Intelligent: Offers numerous possibilities to communicate and advertise to your customers.

In which industries can CCV IM30 help boost cashless payment?

Public transport

Make travel ticketing easy with seamless payments


Grow your EV charging brand with smart payment solutions


Accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones.

Why is CCV IM30 the perfect solution for you?

A future-proof solution

The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities. Use our easy integration tools to connect your own applications, or just use other apps from the CCVStore. Remotely manage your apps via our online portal to efficiently drive revenue and add value for your customers. Customize the experience, use apps to communicate, gather marketing intelligence and implement business applications. Our payment app was born global and will support any use case you can think of.


Best-in-class security

Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards. The CCV IM30 features the latest hardware & software security certifications and point-to-point encryption of all transaction data. This level of security is applicable to all possible transaction routes, and is always on. Through our tokenization algorithms, we enable secure identity management solutions. You can use this solution via our Open Application Manager for an array of use cases, including consumer interaction via your own loyalty programs or apps.


Always-on data insights

Use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability. We love the power of the internet, and are excited about what data can do for you. The IM30 ecosystem is designed in such a way that you can fully manage it remotely, because the hosted solution is always online. This means you are able to commission your payment terminals, access and change settings via MyCCV, monitor your transactions and revenue performance.


Interested in the CCV IM30?

As an SME customer, you can purchase this product on the desired website. Looking for a more tailored solution, then please fill out the form below. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam aliquam quis eros ut placerat. Maecenas ante ex, maximus sodales neque et, lobortis finibus urna.


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Do you have a question regarding our vending solutions and the opportunities for your business? Please get in touch with one of CCV’s vending vending experts based on your region .

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