Four different types of christmas shoppers

Christmas is one of the biggest commercial dates of the year, so it’s important to plan your marketing activities in advance. Here are some ideas on how to prepare for the holiday season based on four different shopper personas according to Google.


The Early bird


What you can do ?

  • Run an early birds offer: buy before date X & get 20% off your order.
  • Create interest in your products by sending gift inspiration ideas in an email or via social media channels.
  • Coupons and discount codes
  • Exclusive sales days for loyal customers – offer them the chance to shop early, before anyone else.
  • Run an email campaign giving customres exclusive access to sales items.
  • Advertise Early Bird offers on Social Media


Who is the Early Bird ?

  • He/She starts shopping early; before December has even started.
  • Early birds spend a lot of time on research to find what they need.
  • They have time so won’t rush into making a decision
  • To capture attention of this type of customer, target them early.
  • He/She appreciates being able to pay with his/her favorite payment method. Make sure to futureproof your payment solution.


Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

The Thoughtful Shopper


What you can do ?

  • Joyful marketing campaigns about how wonderful gifting can be to entice shoppers.
  • Offer personalisation
  • Themed email marketing campaigns with gifting ideas Focus on curated gifts, tapping into the insights below e.g offer special gift for dad/wife/husband etc.


According to Google’s data in the last 2 years search for gifts increased by:

  • 110% Unique gifts
  • 230% What to buy someone who has everything
  • 150% Thoughtful gifts

Who is The Thoughtful Shopper ?

  • He/She wants to buy the “perfect gift” and will put a lot of energy and thought in their purchase.
  • Their type of gift-giving is tht which people will remember and talk about it for a while after – unique gifts.
  • In general, over 65% of thoughtful shoppers plan their purchases before buying.
  • He/She is likely to search and potentially even purchase all the Christmas gifts online. Make sure you capture The Thoughtful Shopper with a webshop of your own.



The Dealseeker


What can you do ?

  • Offer attractive discounts and promotion on specific/high demand items
  • Use Black Friday to get shoppers to think Christmas gifts already
  • Include add-ons in your offers e-g gift wrapping, no shipping costs, double loyalty points etc.
  • Exclusive sale days for loyal customers – offer them the chance to shop early, before anyone else.
  • Email marketing to inspire them and inform customers about sales items.


Who is the Dealseeker ?

  • He/She always looks for the best deals not just when buying a gift but also when searching for personal items.
  • Overall 70% make their purchase decisions based on the price.
  • These shoppers are more likely to buy everything during the high sales period.
  • The Dealseeker appreciates smooth payments and fast check outs.



The Last-minute Shopper


What you can do ?

  • Gift cards are an ideal solution for shoppers with limited time. If you don’t sell them, it’s the perfect time to start. Contact CCV for more information.
  • Open for longer hours on the 22nd, 23rd December and searches for last-minute gift peaks in this period.
  • Speed is key, so make sure you have the required resources for efficient customer support and check out experience including smooth and reliable payment solutions.
  • Spread the word about opening hours & offers via social media, local advertising and email marketing.

Who is The Last-minute Shopper ?

  • He/She waits to the last minute to buy their Christmas presents.
  • The urgency to buy gifts is key to their shopping decisions
  • Price is not as important because they need to buy gifts.