Working at CCV: The Story of Innovation & Collaboration – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our story about working at CCV. We’re exploring the role of innovation and collaboration, looking at different departments within the organisation. 


In the first article, we heard from Daniel Ferlings, who talked about innovating with a new smartphone point-of-sale (POS). We also spoke to Janine Kamminga, who referenced CCV’s new Change Ambassadors. Gert-Jan Messchendorp let us in on his team’s Agile methodology, and Astrid Juen showed how she tackles problems before they even happen. Finally, Tim Hogeweg told us how he empowers his team and encourages accountability in problem-solving. You can read the article here.


In this second part of the series, we speak to four more team members…


Creative freedom

I’m a digital marketing specialist, working across all digital channels: social media, website, Google Ads, and more. We implement campaigns to generate leads for the sales team in Switzerland. We collaborate with the global team every day, and work closely together to align on campaign audiences, creatives, and goals. 


As a marketing team, we have lots of creative freedom. We’re free to customise and localise global campaigns for the best results in our market, and we adapt content for maximum impact. One successful recent campaign was for CCV Fly in Switzerland, which was our first terminal sold exclusively online. The results far exceeded our expectations, and we saw the true power of visual creatives, great content, and targeted social media advertising. This has empowered us to push new boundaries.”

Fabio Carvalho – Digital Marketing Specialist, Gland


International collaboration

We’ve been working on an international knowledge base to share content across our markets and departments. This is breeding great communication between CCV’s different geographies, and brings us closer together for internal and customer-facing information. 


Everybody is keen to work together and learn together, making our international growth as smooth as possible. We have a lot of dedicated and motivated people working here. That’s why a lot of people are really loyal. We have a lot of good colleagues. We all want to help the company to be better and bigger.”

Louelle Buiskool – Knowledge & Content Officer, Arnhem


Ongoing innovation

I work at CCV Lab. Internally, we’re known as Team Rocket, and we focus on innovation. The innovation process is ongoing, and it’s based on welcoming as many ideas as we can from different people. These ideas are assessed and validated with three questions: does it solve a problem for the customer, do we have a business case, and how will we implement the solution?


One thing we’re working on at the moment is e-money. This is a solution for offline transactions; perfect for cashless events and festivals. Attendees can put their money on an NFC-enabled wearable like a bracelet, and pay through the merchant’s CCV terminals in this easy way. We’ve already worked with festivals such as Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands, and hope to expand further soon. 


The next step for CCV Lab is to work with the new EU PSD-2 regulations, which will open up payments in new and exciting ways.”

Matthijs Hutsebaut – Finance Manager CCV Lab, Bruges


Being pioneers

“CCV is a very interesting and dynamic company. You really have the chance to create things and bring in your own ideas. You have freedom to work on exciting projects and bring your own motivations into the organisation. 


We’re working on lots of innovative projects, such as transitioning the standard payment terminal into a smart device running on Android OS. This will have different apps, and will be integrated with the new CCV-owned app store, CCV Store. This is a revolution in mobile payments, and we’re excited for how this will shape the future of our industry. We encourage people to be pioneers in their field and go into the world with open eyes. This is deeply rooted in our company culture.” 

Sabrina Lempart – HR Specialist, Au i.d. Hallertau – Munich area


Join us!


CCV is an ambitious growing business. The mix of collaboration and innovation is central to long-term client satisfaction. This is what propels us forward to bring cutting-edge payment solutions to market. We’re proud to work in many European countries, across multiple languages and cultures. Together we have one big mission: to make payments happen


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