4 tips on cashless payments for the new normal

All of us still need to adjust to the New Normal and for some of you it can still be very demanding, especially in the retail, restaurant and service businesses.

We at CCV would not only like to be your partner when it comes to cashless payments, but we would also like to provide you with advice, information, and support to go through this strange period together.

In this blog post, we have put together a few helpful tips about online & offline business.

1. Continue to promote contactless payments

With contactless payment, there are no points of contact with the card reader nor with the cashier. The credit or debit card or even the smartphone (in combination with Apple Pay or Google Pay) is simply held over the contactless reader of the device. At the end of March, due to the current situation, the major card companies increased the limit for contactless and thus PIN-free payment to €50.00 (in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) and 80 CHF (in Switzerland). Are you interested in a contactless payment method? Read more here

2. Strengthen your online presence

Whether it’s a website, social media page or on local platform – show your presence! During lockdown it got very important to communicate regularly with your customers, and this will not change. Customers want to hear from you. If you have not yet started, maybe you can start selling your products online or ad a delivery service? We explain how to open a webshop in 5 steps. Read more here

3. Keep your terminal clean

Not only is regular handwashing important at this time, but so is disinfecting your payment terminal. Check out how to keep your device clean and safe. Read more here

4. Rely on our customer service

Our local support teams are available for you as usual. If you have questions or need extra support for payment offline and online, just reach out to us! Find your closest CCV center. Read more here