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In the coming period, many colleagues will open the work laptop at the kitchen table or on the couch. For the time being, the most of us will stay at home because of the coronavirus. But not everyone is working from home. We have great respect and appreciation for the hardworking colleagues in the office and on the road!

Chances are that this new way of working creates triggers and distractions that take you out of your flow and concentration. An additional problem, because work and private life are so intertwined at the moment: the average number of steps per day decreases drastically. And it is precisely in this day and age that sufficient exercise is of great importance. This keeps your immune system going, it creates dopamine which makes you feel good and it fights gloomy thoughts. In other words, sitting still is disastrous for your immune system. So take a walk or a run but do this alone and keep 1.5 meters distance.


CCVital @home tips

We’d like to support you with some tips, tricks and motivation:

1. You determine your focus

Choose a conscious positive mindset, think about your motivation, apply structure and create an attention-ritual. Just like Pavlov’s little bell (watch this video). With a ritual, you can trigger your brain to get into focus.

2. Make sure you have a nice workplace

A tidy and fresh workplace makes your working day a lot more productive and enjoyable. Provide daylight, open your window and, if possible, place lots of plants near your workplace. Sufficient light is very important for your energy. If you don’t have to write anything down, you can walk around the house or in the garden during a phone call, or take a seat on your balcony. Keep in mind that this is not possible while having privacy-sensitive conversations.

Watch your posture! No office chair at home? No worries. Variety is best for your body! So get on the couch for a little while. Move to the kitchen table. And have a moment standing at the high counter. That way you don’t need an ultrasonic office chair. And you move more during the day.

3. Try single-tasking

No one can multitask (definition multitasking: messing up several things at once). So try one task for one hour. Ignore all distractions, your phone and focus clearly on the task. The energy of the fulfilled feeling that is released after completing it, stimulates you to do this more often.

4. Working at home with children

Do you work at home while the kids are at home as well? This can be difficult because you may feel that you are less productive and don’t meet the hours in your contract. Please let go of that. The important thing is that we get through this difficult situation together and that we focus on the right things. It’s not the amount of work that counts, but the right choices in work and in your private life. It’s unreasonable to ask the same of you right now as in a normal situation. So don’t demand that of yourself. That’s how we make sure that we’re valuable together in the long run.

5. Hunt elephants

Often we start the day with rabbits: small, short, relatively simple tasks that eventually take a lot of time. We ignore the elephants: the important tasks that require your concentration, or we easily postpone them. Therefore, determine three elephants per day and start each day with an elephant. Don’t open your rabbit hutch until later.

6. Dare to slack

Dare to do nothing for a moment. Enjoy the beautiful weather, it’s spring after all. Go outside: move, run, walk or do absolutely nothing. With the 1.5 meters distance of course. It’s a reload of your energy and gives you a clear mind and the right focus.

7. 7-minute workout

The 7-minute workout is a fast workout that you can do anywhere. You don’t need anything else but yourself, motivation, seven minutes and above all good mood! Within 7 minutes you perform 12 exercises. Each exercise lasts 30 seconds and between the exercises, you get 10 seconds rest. You can download the app on your smartphone (see appstore and google play), or watch this video.


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