Christmas greetings from our CCO, John Kolthof

Dear customers and partners,

if you had to choose a word of the year, which one would you choose?

The first word that comes to mind starts with a “C” – but that is only a name for a disease or pandemic, not for the social circumstances.

My personal favourite for the word of the year is “cohesion”. Whether it is within the family, among friends or, of course, among colleagues: only our strong cohesion and support from many sides has allowed us to survive this year largely unscathed. School closures, home office regulations and quarantine regulations have not left us unscathed. But we can proudly say that all our colleagues work safely and flexibly in the office or home office and that our logistics chain was able to reliably serve our customers despite all adversities!

We have also found cohesion among our customers and partners. New, digital ways of communication and coordination were taken together. Virtual trade fairs or events such as our CCV Digital Exchange became well-attended information platforms and made us aware of how much we miss these events and meetings and thus personal contact.

Our retailers and service providers are suffering from restrictions like never before and we as a solution provider must provide the best possible support and at the very least ensure that our payment infrastructures are functioning and appropriate.

All this also shows me that cohesion and social thinking for customers, employees and their families are a healthy basis for the future, which should give us hope for other possible adversities, which we can also master together.

Let me say a heartfelt thank you – to our colleagues, customers, dealers, partners and their families who have achieved something extraordinary in the past months!

We also say “thank you” in the form of our Christmas donations, which this year will go to the St. Marien Children’s Hospital in Landshut and the Dutch organisation KiKa children cancer-free foundation, which works to cure children with cancer. This year we have completely renounced paying attention to customers and in return have increased the donation amounts.

We will see you again in 2021, with positive thoughts and the confidence that better times will come again.

A wonderful Christmas for you and your loved ones, stay healthy!


Your John Kolthof