Customer Experience Lesson 1: Your ONLY YOU Strategy To revamp your CX

We created the ONLY YOU formula here at CCV to give our clients a simple, effective way to lay down the foundations of a winning CX strategy. Once you have this nailed down, you’ll always hit the bullseye when reaching out to your target market.

What you will learn

  • How to create personas
  • Define your WHY sentence
  • Test your WHY

In these 4 steps, you can build your own ONLY YOU strategy:

Step 1 – Know your customer

Find what delights your customer, their pain points, disposable income and leisure time.  For instance, your customer persona Curious Clare is adventurous and loves to try new things; our new festival-specific makeup line will be just what she’s looking for this summer. Don’t forget to also think about your Customer persona’s payment preferences. The better you understand their lives, the easier it becomes for your brand to add value to them. Download your free persona template here and follow the directions to build your top 2-3 personas!



Step 2 – Find the WHY

Next develop a WHY sentence for each of your personas written from their point of view. This will explain why your service or product meets or satisfies your persona customers’ desires or relieves a pain point. Download the FREE WHY template here.

Maybe your persona is a busy mum whose pain point is trying to find time for a beauty treatment, and you offer complimentary childminding, your WHY might be:

WHY? “So, I can enjoy a relaxing massage and mani-pedi without worrying about my son.”

Do this for all your personas and break it down by the specific services and products that are best suited to each persona.

Next, compare your WHYs against your competitors on the WHY template and revise how you can make your customers’ lives better or easier when they interact with your brand.


Step 3 – ONLY YOU strategy

Develop a single sentence that captures why ONLY YOU can give your customers what they need.

For example:

  1. [Insert name of your company] is the only spa in Geneva to offer exclusively vegan spa experiences.
  2. [Insert name of your company] provides the only coffee travel cups that are designed and made locally in Rotterdam.
  3. [Insert name of your company] is the only café in Germany that serves organic coffee and has a Doggie Play Centre.


  1. Is it catchy?
  2. Is it in keeping with your brand?
  3. Does it instantly draw in your customer personas?

Look at the examples above, and you can see that they need to speak to their niche audience. Coffee connoisseurs may not be dog people (weird, right?) so chasing these people is going to be a wasted effort. Having a clear customer persona allows you to capture potential customers’ attention with each marketing endeavour!Assess: competitors will eventually (and often speedily) catch up. Continually develop your ONLY YOU message over time. Make a recurring appointment in your calendar now to review it every six months.

Step 4 – Implement

Work with your team to put your new strategy at the core of your marketing efforts. Your social posts, brochures, and every piece of content that interacts with your clients will embody the uniqueness and value of your CX if

you’re ONLY YOU comes across loud and clear each time.


Now is your moment to shine

Map your own personas with our free template
Find your WHY sentence with our free template


That’s all for today!

By taking a couple of minutes to do these steps, you’ll also have a pretty good picture of your current CX strategy.

This exercise forms the base of the course, and we’ll be referring back to it.

That’s all for now though – see you back here again in tomorrow’s lesson, where we’ll show you how to map your customer journey!

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