Customer Experience Lesson 3: Customer reviews Up your review game with customer experience

What you will learn in course

Now, that you know a bit more about creating attention around your brand, here are the 7 steps to getting your happy customers to make you more happy customers:

Step 1: Reviews

Whether through word of mouth or online, reviews from real customers beat advertising every

day of the week. People trust genuine reviews – 90% of people value an online review just as much as a personal recommendation. However, the work in reviews is in getting your customers chatty around your brand, especially in the honeymoon period after the sale.

Step 2: Timing

Timing is essential when getting reviews. You need to calculate the moment when your customers are

at their most enthusiastic about the products and services you provide and ask for a review.

For clothes, it’s not actually when they leave your shop with your pretty branded bag, but when they’re twirling on the dancefloor at their best friend’s wedding. To capture these reviews set up a competition to get people sharing their first time wearing their new dress in a post and why they love it.

Step 3: Platform

Where to review Google reviews and Facebook are the best overall, but TripAdvisor is seriously

important for hospitality. Trustpilot is licensed to push your ratings into Google Shopping and Google AdWords, so that’s great if you have an online presence.

Also, make use of these free customer feedback tools UserReport, Google Form and SurveyMonkey to both create and track how your retail business stands in the eyes of your customers.

Step 4: Accessibility

Make it easy to leave a review: QR codes, or even simply setting up a tablet on your storefront counter

will help you get more reviews. It’s better to create anonymity – in other words, avoid relying on face-to-face reviews – as customers are unlikely to express their negative experience in person. These are just as important as the positive ones as they show where your CX can improve.


Step 5: Community

Build a social community: and do it on your customers’ favourite social channel.

Instead of chasing likes, which does little to build CX in the long run – do likeable things!

Be friendly, give birthday freebies and send out appreciation.

Standing out and going the extra mile for your customers will make them want to return the favour with a glowing review!

Step 6: Incentive

Roll out the incentives: use giveaways and discounts for those that post reviews of your business.

Remember, any incentives must be clearly disclosed for legal reasons.For Instagram, create a hashtag for customers who’ve left reviews so you can easily find competition entries.

Step 7: Responsiveness

Respond to all feedback: Whether the review is positive or not-so-positive, thank your customers regardless for taking the time to help your business grow in the right direction. Here are handy response examples so you can get the best outcome out of any review!

Next, we’ve got a great case study coming up that’s going to show you exactly how a CX-first retail business wins over customers and how to achieve this for your own brand.


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