Gr8 Hotel: an innovative company with a modern payment solution

A new hotel chain with a fully automated customer journey: The Gr8 Hotel. The first branch opened in 2018 and there are now already four hotels in the Netherlands and three more to come in the short term. An innovative and fast -growing company like this requires a modern payment solution. We spoke to Ronald Groot from Gr8 Hotel and Rodney from CCV about this collaboration.


A visit to a Gr8 Hotel is different than a visit to another hotel. – Why is that?

Ronald: “If you visit one of our Gr8 Hotels, you will not see a traditional counter with receptionists waiting to check you in. Instead, you will find a kiosk where you can check in yourself. It will take you only a few seconds, using a touch screen and a payment terminal. If you have booked in advance and prepaid online, you will receive a code via email. When you enter that code on the screen, you will receive a QR code on your mobile phone (or ticket) via which you can enter your room. If you haven’t prepaid or booked online, you simply answer a few questions on the kiosk (name, number of nights you want to stay, number of people, etc.), pay quickly – thanks to CCV’s payment terminal and then you receive the QR code to enter your room. Checking in is super-fast this way and much appreciated by our guests . Many business guests come here on a regular basis.”

What were important considerations in your choice of a payment solution?

Ronald: ” Several points were important to us:

1. A payment transaction should be quick and easy. Guests expect a seamless customer journey including check-in and payment steps.
2. The payment terminals must accept all payment methods. For example, we have many guests from Asia who like to pay with AliPay. They should of course be able to do this.
3. For accounting it is important that payments are traceable. This is not the case with all payment solution providers, but this saves us a lot of time.
4. Suppose someone cancels his or her booking but had already paid, then you should be able to transfer the money back easily.
5. The payment solution must be easy to – scale up. We are planning to open new hotels in the coming years, soeverything must be scalable, including the payment solution.”

Rodney: “The points Ronald mentions, are priorities for us at CCV. It goes without saying that payment must be fast, easy and secure. In addition, all payment methods must of course be accepted. In terms of accounting as well, it must be clear and transparent for our clients. That is why our clients receive a daily report from CCV (weekly or monthly reports are also possible), on which all payments are displayed. Our payment solutions are also always scalable. Another ten Gr8 hotels would be easy for us to handle.”

Ronald: “The cooperation with CCV always runs smoothly. The good thing is that we always have a fixed contact person. If I have a question, I call Rodney and not the general customer service. He knows exactly what we have installed. We don’t need to explain it each time we call. It is really a great partnership. The contact is always fast and smooth.”

Rodney: “It is always nice for us at CCV to work with such an innovative company. It challenges us to keep on offering the most up to date payment solution. ”

Rodney: “We also designed an online shop for Gr8 hotels where Gr8 products are sold. It was built in CCV Shop, our e-commerce solution.”
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