How to activate the big shopping dates in 2020

Photo by STIL on Unsplash


The commercial year is full of great sales opportunities for retailers and merchants to take advantage of to grow your business. And now it is time to make it happen!

Planning is key. From sales and promotions to email campaigns and social media channels, it’s useful to have a set of routine marketing activities that can be adapted when required.

Find below a simple but effective framework that you can use for each commercial period:


Promotions & Promotion plan 2020 Create a special promotion plan for the specific commercial date and use a combination of channels to promote it to your current and potential customers e.g. on Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day. Find our commercial calendar 2020 here. Make sure to plan and prepare ahead to avoid last minute stress.


Email Marketing Utilise your database to boost sales and raise awareness of your promotions regulary. Emails are still considered one of the most effective and direct ways to engage with your audience


Social Media Advertising Facebook’s and Instagram’s prominence as a quick and effective way to target modern customers is not slowing down. Assign a budget for social media advertising and plan campaigns around the key dates in the calendar. Ad targeting allows you to narrow your audience, both on location, interest, relationship etc


Inventory Control It’s very important that you check your inventory levels before launching your campaign to ensure that there is enough stock. Your promotion should lead to increased customer interest and you need to be able to meet demand.


Webshop If you create promotions, don’t forget to also promote and sell them via your Webshop and to link all your online efforts to your Webshop.


Payments What payment solution to use can play a major role in the success or failure of promotion. Do you accept card payments both online and offline? Read more how you can go from cash to cashless with minimum fuss.


Facebook Events Create a Facebook event to drive footfall to your store with an attractive offer and added value and promote it using a budget allocated to Facebook advertising.


Added-Value Offers Give your customers more reasons to take advantage of your promotion by creating complimentary offers to add value. For example, during a sales promotion, you can offer free delivery on orders over EUR 50 if placed before a certain date. Sometimes the little things make all the difference.


And below you will find the full year retail marketing and promotional calendar to help you boost sales in both intense and slow periods. The calendar is printable so you can place it somewhere visible, so you never lose track of what is coming next.

Forward planning is always the best way – just ask the experts! Always make sure you are prepared for all seasons and that your Payment solutions are up to date and able to cope with the demands of each season.

This is what we do at CCV– so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to discuss any of the above ideas. Or want our advice on upgrading your business solutions.