How to keep your payment terminal clean?

Keeping equipment clean is important for (daily) use and hygiene, escpecially now with the corona virus. To keep your pin device as clean as possible, you will find some practical tips below.



Tip 1: Encourage contactless payments, this way you limit the contact between your customers and the pin device! Communicate about this to your customers.

Tip 2: Place disinfectant hand gel next to your pin device so that customers can clean their hands before and/or after using the device.

Tip 3: Keep the pin device clean by spraying IPA-spray (Isopropanol*) on a dry paper towel and rubbing this on your pin device. Don’t rub to hard, as the paper towel will tear.

Note: do nót use a too wet (cleaning) towel, as this will damage your pin device. Use a dry towel with a spray or a few drops of Isopropanol*. Never spray liquids, like disinfectant directly on your pin device! Do not use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, thinner, trichloroethylene or a solvent based on ketone. These products can damage the pin device.


Tip 4: Let people use your pin device wearing latex gloves.

* = IPA-spray (Isopropanol) is an alcohol that can be used for cleaning and disinfection. IPA-spray is for sale in several locations, such as DIY stores and (online) electronics and appliances stores.