Increase the reach of your webshop with Amazon

CCV Shop has launched an application that enables webshops to have a seamless integration with Amazon.

Users can now manage their online shop and Amazon sales from one place, benefiting directly from the extra sales channel with millions of visitors. The app automatically updates the offers to Amazon, the orders and the product stock of the webshop. In case a product is sold out, Amazon won’t offer the product anymore.Amazon is one of the most popular and widely established sales platforms in the world, with monthly visitor numbers averaging 290 million in Europe. Additionally, it has a highly developed sales environment, which makes Amazon an attractive platform for online retailers.

The new application helps webshop owners to increase their visibility and conversion to sales, by creating access to a established and vibrant European market.

At CCV we are committed to continuous development of solutions that support entrepreneurs and enable them to do their business successfully, with a great outlook into the future.

There are no additional costs associated  with this integration and all CCV Shop customers can now make use of it. CCV Shop customers can download the tool in the app store within the maintenance section of their webshop.

Get here your free Amazon integration with your webshop for free.