Mobile payments – all about contactless payment with a smartphone

Making your customer pay contactless with his/her smartphone: two possibilities

Via smartphone, your customer can pay contactless in two ways.

1. Contactless payment via NFC technology

Your customer needs a smartphone (or other wearable like a smartwatch) equipped with an NFC chip and an active payment app installed that make it possible to pay contactless. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay are examples of apps that support contactless payment through NFC technology. This is simply the mobile alternative of contactless payment via card and is available on all CCV payment terminals.

2. Contactless payment via QR code

QR code stands for ‘Quick Response’ and is an advanced barcode that contains payment information. Each transaction generates a unique QR code which your customer must scan in order to pay.

As a merchant, you simply enter the right amount on your terminal, select the customer’s preferred payment method (can be Bancontact, Payconiq in BE, Twint in CH for example) and push the QR code button. Your customer then scans this QR-code via his/her payment app of choice .

There are several benefits for the merchant who accepts contactless payment via smartphone:

There are no extra costs

There are no additional costs associated with mobile payment via a QR code or NFC. The transaction costs are the same as for regular electronic payment. And you do not need to pay a subscription fee.

Additional payment method on terminal

The mobile payments option is growing in popularity in Europe , especially among the younger generations and gives you an extra opportunity to accept your customers’ preferred payment method.

Can I receive QR payments?

Most of the CCV terminals are equipped with the right software to accept mobile payments (both NFC and QR code). If you are in doubt about how this works on your terminal, feel free to contact us at ccv.

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