Together as One CCV: Fun, Teamwork & the #WeConnect Challenges

We believe that the development of our company starts with the development of our employees. By providing the space to explore new ideas and experiment with new ways of working, we build an engaged and committed workforce that enjoys working in a dynamic international environment. 

Our #WeConnect Challenges are an initiative to make people’s ordinary work extraordinary. #WeConnect is a series of collaborative challenges, with volunteer teams throughout the CCV organisation competing for a prize in each. Our challenges are designed to connect our employees, foster teamwork, and encourage friendly competition between colleagues.

The main goals of #WeConnect are:

  • Work together as “one CCV”
  • Create an active and inspirational community
  • Turn continuous improvement into a fun activity
  • Celebrate the success of our employees and teams

First and foremost, we want #WeConnect Challenge participants to enjoy themselves. In this blog, we show you what fun at work, team spirit, and celebrating success looks like at CCV.

Great Examples of our #WeConnect Challenges
In the spring of 2019, we introduced #WeConnect to the organisation. Let’s see a few of the tasks and amazing entries we’ve had since then… Show Your Pride
For this challenge, we asked participants to introduce their team to another CCV department. The assignment was to create an original visual presentation, and to document the facts that they learn about their peers in the process. The winners of this challenge received a free team lunch to celebrate.

WeConnect teams

Go the Extra Mile
This challenge encouraged our teams to think about their own unique contribution to CCV over the previous month. Team members got together to discuss their achievements and had to present their ideas on a poster. The main purpose of this challenge was to shine a light on how everybody has a genuine contributing role within the CCV family.

WeConnect teams

Know Your Colleagues
In this challenge, our teams were tasked to have lunch with an unfamiliar department – in order to learn more about who they are and what they do. Participants were encouraged to ask questions about what the other team is working on, what motivates them, what their biggest challenges are, and what they’d like to learn. Teams had to present their findings in a poster – extra kudos for a group photo of the lunch!

WeConnect teams

Compliment Your Heroes
We believe that giving compliments boosts positive energy for everybody involved – the person giving compliments, and the person receiving them. It’s a simple way to appreciate each other’s work, yet people aren’t used to doing it in the workplace. So, #WeConnect teams had to create a “wall of compliments”, and make a concerted effort to compliment their colleagues regularly.

WeConnect teams

CCVital! – Vital heroes at CCV
The goal of this challenge was to have our teams think about all of the activities and improvements for them to stay vital. Healthy food, exercising, taking small breaks during work (with a powernap), walking, or playing ping-pong are just a few ideas from our colleagues’ colourful variety of activities.

Foster Feedback
An upcoming challenge will allow our teams to take a role in creating a transparent, safe, and open working environment. The challenge is focused on feedback – discovering new ways to talk to each other, give and receive feedback. This is designed to help our colleagues speak up confidently and know that they’re doing so in a respectful and supportive setting.

WeConnect teams

Results and Experiences: Teamwork is Dream Work
We’re delighted that the greatest pleasure for our CCV colleagues was to be part of their team. It wasn’t just about winning – it was to feel the sense of being better together in a collaborative effort. Our survey of #WeConnect participants revealed a variety of ways that people had a lot of fun in their work:

  • People enjoy the active team-building
  • People value the opportunity to be creative
  • People have fun trying out new ways of working
  • People love sharing the values of team spirit

This joy has spread far and wide. People across the whole organisation are inspired to follow the progress of these challenges. Even non-participants bump into colleagues in the corridor, immersed in a task, and they become involved as an unwitting cameraperson.

#WeConnect brings people together to have fun, and helps them share their work with other departments in different parts of the CCV organisation. This is a fantastic outcome, because not only do we want to make people feel valued, heard, and understood – but we also want to help people share their unique knowledge and working methods throughout the company.

Join us!
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