Open Loop Payment is making its way into the EV-charging stations

The e-Mobility fair eMove360° in Munich has shown that there is a need for information in regards to open loop payments. Barrier-free cashless payment will soon be standard at every EV-charging station - the deciding factor is the new charging station regulation (Ladesäulenverordnung) in Germany. 

It became official as of mid-September 2021 with the approval of the German Bundesrat. As of 1 July 2023, all newly installed EV-charging stations must be equipped with a payment terminal. This means that cashless payment with a debit or credit card as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay must be possible.  

CCV’s solutions for EV-charging  

For many years, we at CCV have been present in the E-mobility industry with our payment solutions. We advise and support many EV-charging operators in choosing the right payment solution. Our portfolio includes various hardware and software solutions and offers the CPO the best possible choice for their individual business case:  

Our top payment solutions for EV charging


This brand-new terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation.

  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • You can use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards

Contactless payment

Offer your customers fast, convenient and hygienically safe contactless payment at an e-charging station.

  • The control module that has everything under control
  • Two variants for a wide range of applications: contactless reader COR
  • Acoustic and optical signals support the payment process

In-app payment

If your customers can manage their EV charging via your app, we can help you integrate secure payment.

  • We deliver easy and secure in-app payments through tokenisation
  • Remove payment friction from the charging experience
  • Build brand loyalty and incentivise repeat usage

QR code payment

With our QR solution, display a unique QR code on the charger. Your customer scans the code and pays using their mobile device

  • A low-cost way to open closed charging systems to new customers
  • No additional hardware required
  • Display dynamic prices on a mobile website

"The demand for open loop payment solutions has been steadily increasing since the announcement of the charging station regulation in Germany. We are always available to our partners and customers to answer questions about open loop payment processes and advise them on the right solution for their specific case.says Maria Joukovitch, Head of Sales Mobility Solutions at CCV. 

In detail, the German regulation for EV-charging stations states that at or in the immediate vicinity of every charging point: 

  1. the Charging Point Operator enable the authentication required for the cashless payment transaction, and
  2. a contactless payment transaction must be possible at least by means of a major debit and credit card system (..).  

It also states that the payment service provider is obliged to require strong customer authentication, i.e. in this case it must be possible to enter a PIN at the payment terminal. 

"As an unattended terminal based on an Android operating system, the CCV IM30 meets all the requirements of the new charging station regulation and can also be used for PIN entry," explains Maria Joukovitch.  

Get in contact with us!

Our Mobility Team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the charging station regulation, open loop payments and our payment solutions. Simply fill out the contact form. 

Learn more about CCV’s EV-charging solution and open loop payments >> HERE 

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