Code of conduct

Our company values and principles underlie the way we do our daily work. We emphasise the importance of an ethical financial sector and contribute to this ourselves by implementing carefully defined codes of conduct and strict risk management. In addition, we assume our social and environmental responsibilities and attach great value to business integrity, honest purchasing practices and anti-corruption.

Read more here about objectives in the area of sustainability and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

In order to guarantee compliance with our code of conduct on a daily basis, the code has been translated into practical guidelines, training sessions for employees and daily policy: rules have been drawn up on social media, the acceptance of gifts and on how we handle confidential information. Everything we do and all our communication is based on this. Our Board of Directors and managers ensure that the code of conduct is implemented and enforced.

CCV expects all its business partners to respect the principles of our code of conduct and to abide by the applicable laws and regulations.

Banker's oath

Although we are not bankers, all our managers and board members have signed the Dutch banker’s oath. This is a professional oath in which employees of financial institutions promise that they will fulfil their duties honestly and meticulously, and that they will put their client’s interests first. New employees are also given the opportunity, during the onboarding process, to take the oath.