Laws and regulations

As a reliable provider of payment solutions, we are aware at all times of our responsibilities. CCV is a financial service provider, and is therefore under the supervision of various authorities. We also have to comply at all times with the applicable laws and regulations. These are set out in the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wft), the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), among others.


CCV Group B.V. has two licences under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act: a license for payment institutions and a clearing and settlement company licence.

Supervisory authorities

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)

DNB is legally responsible for specific tasks in the area of prudential supervision. It ensures that financial market players fulfil their financial obligations. Payment is important in our society, and so not just everyone is allowed to offer payment services. DNB licences parties who meet the requirements, and monitors them actively. CCV fulfils these requirements and reports regularly to this supervisor.

Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

The Dutch AFM supervises the conduct of companies that operate on the financial markets, such as CCV. Under the law, CCV must act with integrity and provide adequate information to the parties with which it works.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)

The Dutch ACM is an independent supervisor that oversees competition, that is, it ensures that companies do not collude on prices and that no single company becomes too dominant in the market. The purpose of this is to create a level playing field and ensure that companies follow the rules. This protects consumers.

Data Protection Authority (DPA)

Privacy is an increasingly important topic. CCV receives a great deal of information, such as personal data, from its clients and the consumers who carry out a transaction with CCV’s clients. The Dutch Personal Data Authority can verify whether CCV keeps this data secure and meets all legal provisions that apply to personal data. How CCV deals with confidential personal data is included in the privacy statement on our websites.


We wish to be able to demonstrate at all times that our business processes meet the requirements that have been imposed on us. For this reason, we are certified under the strictest standards that apply to financial service providers. The security of our terminals meets the requirements for the Payment Card Industry (PCI). For the processing of payment transactions, we are certified for:

  • ISO 27001: ISO standard for information security
  • PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard
  • PCI PIN: Payment Card Industry - Personal Identification Numbers
  • ISAE 3402 Type II: framework for internal control
  • ISO 9001:2015
    As the international Standard for quality management we use ISO 9001 to ensure quality as the heart of your organisation.

    ISO 9001 builds upon seven key principles. By following these principles, we are able to reap the rewards of greater consistency, better customer satisfaction and stronger performance.

    In short, the seven principles of quality management are: Engagement of people, Customer focus, Leadership, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence-based decision making, Relationship management.

    HERE you can find the certificate.

Remuneration policy

CCV Group has adopted a Remuneration Policy fitting into the, its aims, its company values and the long-term interest of CCV Group.

You can find our Remuneration Policy here.