CCV. Empowering payment.

CCV has a new visual identity. We are proud and excited, because this brand accurately reflects who we are and what we do.  

As CCV we truly believe in "Empowering payment". Every day we have the opportunity to witness how payment has the power to transform a business and support its ambitions. Together with our customers we reimagine what’s possible, seeing first-hand that when “reliable” meets “innovative”, they have the power to unlock tremendous potential.  

Our new visual identity captures and communicates this powerful impact. We invite you to step into it and to get to know CCV the way we know it! 


Why our new visual identity is both powerful and empowering

As a family business, CCV has a unique DNA that powers both our business and our culture. The boldness and the simplicity of our new identity underline CCV’s focused commitment to payment and to our customers. The vibrant colours and the dynamic shapes reflect our informal and supportive culture as well as our dedication to positive impact in society.  


CCV Logo

Simplicity offers a powerful edge to this modern logo. The eye-catching freestanding blue dot is an open invitation to you for connecting the dots with us. To collaborate in pushing boundaries. Because that’s how we can keep putting new innovative dots on the horizon: together! 

CCV Shapes and Colours

Businesses come in all shapes and colours, and each one holds huge potential – not only to grow and create value for themselves, but also for their employees, their communities, and the good causes they support. We take pride in being part of the payment infrastructure and the larger force for good. 

Enny van de Velden,

CCV Chair of the Board and CCO

Today, more than ever before, businesses have to focus on inclusiveness, continuity and sustainable growth. I believe that cooperation and innovation can be incredibly powerful in achieving the kind of success that our society, economy and communities expect from us. That has always been part of our DNA and in that way our new visual identity is not a change in direction, but a furthering of our commitment to these important goals. I am excited for the future of CCV, our partners and customers.

What hasn't changed?


Our new visual identity reinforces our expertise, experience, as well as our desire to support and stay connected to our customers. You can count on us when you are looking for: 

Great knowledge about payment we accumulated over the past 60 years. 

We build relationships with our customers and connect them to solutions and innovations. 

Empowering our customers to build future-proof businesses.

About CCV’s rebranding 

  • Why did you rebrand?

    As pioneers in payment for over 60 years, we understand there’s only one constant in this industry – and that is change. We’ve always been reinventing ourselves, expanding our offering and introducing new possibilities in payment and we continue to do so. Our new branding reflects this. 


  • What has changed at CCV?

    We updated our looks, including our main colours and our logo. We also changed our tagline into “Empowering payment”. They now better match our current identity and ongoing purpose: to empower businesses and people through payments.  

    Our values and roots are still the same. We are pioneers in payment, dedicated to entrepreneurship and we remain a genuinely customer- and people-centric family business. 

  • Why does CCV have a new logo?

    Our company strongly evolved over the years. Our new logo represents this evolution. With its strong and bold lettering and eye-catching blue dot, it expresses who we are now and offers an open invitation for you to connect the dots with us.  

    “Empowering payment” is our new tagline. Because that’s what we’re here to unlock for you. 

  • Where can I download your new logo, so I can update it on my website?

    You can download our new logo HERE.

Service related

  • Are CCV’s contact details still the same?

    Yes, these haven’t changed. All of our company details are still the same, including our address, phone number, website and other contact information 

  • My CCV invoice carries the old logo – is it valid?

    Yes, your invoice is valid. All of our systems are currently being updated to reflect our new visual identity. During the transition phase, you can still encounter our old logo on invoices and other documents.  

Tell us what you think!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read our official press-release if you would like to know more.

And of course, we would love to hear back from you. You can get in touch with your CCV contact person and share your thoughts. Or join the conversation under this LinkedIn post [HERE] and share your impressions with us there!