CCV’s Governance codes

We are not just any company. We operate in the financial sector, always closely monitored. We want to be completely honest, which is why we take great care to comply with all current legislation and regulations. We also work according to a strict code.

Our Leadership

The Van de Velden family has been the driving force behind CCV from the very start.

Supervisory Board

Our management (CCV Group) and state of affairs are supervised by a critical board, one solely focused on the interests of the company and all of its stakeholders.

Corporate Structure & Governance Codes

We are a family business with a two-tier board system. We operate various subsidiaries in Europe under the parent company of CCV Group B.V.  This page explains the interrelationship between the subsidiaries and our legal structure. 

Laws & Regulations

As a financial service provider, we work in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Your rights when making payments in Europe

We embrace the regulations of the revised Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2), the base for the development of a better integrated internal market for electronic payments within the European Union. These EU rules mean that electronic payments are becoming cheaper, easier and safer.

Read more about the implications in this leaflet of the European Commission.

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