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How to seize the potential of app-based payment?

Summary: what can you expect?

Long gone are the days when the single moment of payment was the ultimate goal of business. Today we look at payment as a means to an end – a positive experience of the brand and an effortless customer journey.

A new generation of terminals have turned the moment of payment into an important touchpoint with the consumer. These Android-powered terminals transform a standard piece of payment hardware into a scalable all-in-one device. The possibilities seem endless.

This session addresses both the potential and challenges that accompany the adoption of appbased payments. Stories of success and strategic plans for the future will be discussed.

Whether you are a merchant with an ambition to seize the new potential of terminals or a developer who wants to penetrate up-and-coming app markets – you will find our expert discussion inspiring and informative.

Join our experts to find out the answer to this and many answers:

  • Is the industry ready for the potential of app-based payments?
  • When is the right time to switch?
  • How can android-based terminals enhance the business?
  • What are potential hurdles in the implementation?
  • When is it worth the investment?
  • What is the outlook for the future?

Meet our speakers & industry experts

Conor Devane

Director of Marketing and Business Development, PAX Technology

Conor Devane is a senior consultant with expertise in the field of electronic payments with a particular focus on Point of Sale. Currently providing thought leadership at PAX Technology, his career has included senior roles at companies such as Verifone, Ingenico, TNS, Euronet and Gemalto as well as leading consultancy companies. He liaises with banks, merchants, payment schemes, technology vendors and regulatory bodies in a variety of different markets around the world.

John Kolthof


John Kolthof (1973) has many years of international experience in Electronic Payments and Information Communication Technology. Between 2000 and 2006 he held commercial and management positions within the telecom/internet division of UPC, focusing on (international) telecom operators and wholesale partners. Since 2006, he has been active within CCV and has been closely involved in the strong growth of CCV in the Netherlands and then internationally. Between 2012 and 2015 he was ultimately responsible for the marketing & sales organization of CCV Nederland. He plays an important role in the further international growth of CCV and is particularly focused on Large Account’s projects. With this dedication he has been appointed as Managing Director of CCV Easy, which has 2020 transformed together with former CCV Deutschland to CCV GmbH with John Kolthof now as CCO.

Peter Danz

Technology & Projects, Avance Pay AG

Peter Danz is one of the founders of Avance Pay AG and responsible for technology and projects. Avance Pay develops and distributes Android-based solutions for stadiums, festivals and events, including solutions for electronic payment and replenishment logistics tracking. Peter Danz is an experienced General Manager with a proven track record in the financial services industry. He has experience in management, presales, corporate governance, product management and outsourcing. Prior to founding Avance Pay in 2011, he worked as a product manager in the public transport market at ACS/Xerox and was responsible for setting up their electronic ticketing platform.

Marisa Ascher

Commercial Product Manager Mobile Apps & App Store

Marisa Ascher is Commercial Product Manager for Mobile Apps & App Store Management at CCV. She has been working in the field of digital ecosystems and within the Mobility sector for many years and has experience in how to create new customer solutions through partnerships and to bring them successfully into the market. At CCV Marisa is searching for new B2B software solutions which can be turned into apps and is developing new distribution channels with app partners.

Touchpoint: the new Role of a Terminal

Touchpoint: the new Role of a Terminal