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CCV Digital Exchange is a knowledge platform for everything related to payments. Here you will find interesting webinars, podcasts and whitepapers. All within easy reach and completely free of charge. Take a look around and be inspired. If you have any questions, you can always contact CCV without obligation.


All about Omnichannel

CCV in conversation with KV Kortrijk about 360° fan experience. Listen and watch during this inspiring webinar and discover everything about a smooth and customer-friendly buying experience on different channels that are well attuned to each other.


An important part of CCV Digital Exchange are our podcasts. Within 30 minutes you are informed about various topics regarding the future of payments.

The number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly and so is the charging infrastructure that is needed to power all these cars. But when it comes to paying for power, there is a lot of room for improvement.


Read all about interesting payment topics in our practical and concrete whitepapers. We show you how you as an entrepreneur can work with innovations in the field of payments and how you can create strong buying experiences. Get inspired!

The charging infrastructure that is needed to power electric cars is increasing rapidly. But how about paying for power?

As an entrepreneur, how can you use omnichannel concretely? Learn from the concrete case of KV Kortrijk.

The 2023 trends are all about accessibility. Learn more about it in our new trend report for 2023.


Learn more about the Rise of Smart Vending Machines

Learn more about smart vending machines. Machines that are empowered to communicate with customers and operators through the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The value of smart vending data for customer experience

Read all about how smart vending data can improve the customer vending experience. By improving that experience, vendors can keep customers returning and boost revenues.

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Trends in micro-markets: growth and future opportunities

We explore the main factors that have driven the recent rise of micro-markets - as well as what we can expect from the industry in the future. We’ll show you how we at CCV are shaping these trends, too.

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