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Simplified payment integration for
EV Charging with OCPI

With CCV, you can open up your EV Charging network to subscribers and non-subscribers. We help you future-proof your charging stations with contactless payment terminals, QR code systems, web-based payment portals and integrated account-based solutions.

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CCV Cloud-Connect for EV Charging

Cloud-Connect is a service or platform that facilitates the connection and management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations through cloud technology. With this solution we realise a simplified integration for faster go-to-market.

  • Simplified integration with OCPI
  • Cloud-based communication: Seamless connection with CPMS backend, with any CCV payment terminal.
  • Standardized integration: Drastically reduces setup time.
  • Multi-brand support: One integration for multiple charge station brands.

Our whitepaper about
Cloud Connect

Simplified payment integration for EV Charging with OCPI.

Building on our legacy of excellence, CCV introduces a suite of cutting-edge products tailored to meet the unique needs of charging point operators (CPO's). The latest addition of these solutions is our web-based Cloud Connect platform.

In our whitepaper you will learn more about our Cloud Connect solution and the values it adds to your EV Charging stations.

About CCV and EV Charging

As part of our 65+ years of experience in payment, CCV has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the EV Charging landscape across Europe, especially in the DACH and Benelux, French, Poland and UK market, for over a decade. 

With a wealth of experience servicing retailers and service stations, we facilitate seamless transactions and empower the growth of the industry. 
Join us as we shape the future of sustainable transportation, one charge at a time.Learn more about CCV.

Our partners for EV Charging

Partnering with industry giants and market leaders in the automotive industries, our success stories abound, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in EV Charging solutions. Now, as we expand our reach to the UK market with our acquiring partner Elavon, we are poised to continue our legacy of empowering businesses and driving the evolution of EV Charging payments.

The perfect fit for your EV Charging stations

CCV IM15 series

  • PIN on glass | It enables contactless payments with PIN on demand
  • Compact | the all-capabilities design fits even into standard cut-outs
  • Connectivity | it connects anywhere with its multiple built-in interfaces


  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • 3-in-1 payment: chip- magstripe and contactless payments for maximum convenience
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards

What can our payment solutions do for your business?

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We are happy to look at the opportunities with you. Together. 

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