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Smooth, simple, and secure payment is crucial to the EV charging experience. However, to attract and retain customers, sometimes you need to go beyond the transactional and find new ways to add extra value. Our features help you do just that. Increase dwell time, improve transparency, and keep your customers coming back to charge with you, time and again.

Our features - Your added value

QR Code Voucher

Offer customers discounts, coupons, or freebies via a dynamic, on-screen QR code. Ideal for service stations and large retailers.


Save paper, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver complete session & transaction transparency with our electronic receipts.

Open & Closed Loop Payments

Make payments available for ad-hoc users, or keep your system closed to all but your most loyal customers.


Accept Mifare payments from company car drivers without installing any additional hardware on your charger.


Accept all major payment methods and schemes via contactless cards, mobile payments, in-app payments and online gateways.


Pre-authorise and secure payment for a charging session up-front to deliver a frictionless charging & payment experience.

Access game-changing insights with our back-office software

All of our EV charging payment technology can be integrated with back-end software. This allows you to track real-time sales data, customer behaviour, and charge point performance.

Remotely manage multiple charge points across various locations. Set prices, install or remove apps, update offers, and download usage stats, all with just a few clicks or taps.

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