The EV Charging Payment Flow

CCV is making open loop payments possible for the EV charging industry. Here’s how it works.

Your introduction to open loop payments in EV charging

5 steps in the EV charging payment flow:

Step 1: The charger instructs your payment terminal to start pre-authorisation, meaning an amount is reserved on the customer’s bank account. This is typically set at €50, but that’s completely customisable depending on what your business needs.

Step 2: Your customer presents their card at the payment terminal, and the pre-authorisation transaction will take place. They may be asked to enter their PIN.

Step 3: The transaction is forwarded to the payment network, and is either approved or declined. If approved, the pre-authorised amount is reserved. This means you’re guaranteed payment. If declined, the process stops and returns to the start.

Step 4: Approval gets sent to the payment terminal, which then communicates the outcome of the transaction to the charger. The customer can now start charging.

Step 5: After the charging session is stopped or the EV is fully-charged, the final cost is calculated. The charger instructs the payment terminal to do partial reversal, meaning the amount is deducted from the customer’s bank account and the rest is freed up.

Your Benefits of the EV Charging Payment Flow

Open To Everyone

Anyone with a bank card or digital wallet can now access your charging network. That’s a lot of new customers.

Guaranteed payment

Once the customer completes the pre-authorisation process, you’re guaranteed to receive secure payment.

One-touch access

All the customer needs to do is tap their contactless card or digital wallet, or key in their PIN. An easy, intuitive experience.

Transparent Pricing

With the CCV IM30, the price per kWh can be clearly displayed on a large touch screen. No unwelcome surprises.

Flexible setup

Depending on the rules and regulations in your country, we’ll set up your payment flow to be fast, secure, and compliant.

Lightning quick

While there are multiple steps in the EV charging payment flow, it all happens in an instant. No waiting around.

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