Landal Greenparks

Outperform on visitor experience

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic organization that manages more than 13,000 bungalows at 80 bungalow parks. Every day hundreds of park guests use various park facilities and services. It's Landal's ambition to expand these in order outperform on the visitors experience. For this reason, Landal GreenParks started to look for a shopping platform that could provide an online (cloud) solution to supported guests (and employees) with ordering groceries online. Landal GreenParks has opted for the online shopping environment of CCV Shop.

Landal GreenParks online shopping environment

Interview with Michael Verhagen, Manager IT Park support Landal GreenParks

"The flexibility, quality and ease of use of the system by CCV Shop made our choice easy."

  • 100% Increase in the number of online orders since migration of own platform to the online shopping platform CCV Shop
  • 25% Increase in the average online order amount since migration

How was the journey and cooperation?

The journey from the tender to the implementation went very smooth. The close cooperation and the enthusiasm of the employees of CCV made a big difference. From the beginning onwards a clear and honest communication was setup, without fuss. Partly because of this down-to-earth mentality at both CCV Shop and Landal GreenParks,  the cooperation went very good. In addition, the provided training on the shopping platform was appreciated. The platform is very easy to use for Landal GreenParks employees coming from different disciplines. I see CCV as a customer-and service-oriented organization that works out everything down to the last detail and can operate quickly because because of the direct communication lines. "

Why were you in need of a new online shopping environment?

"We wanted to switch to a new online shopping environment because of the different needs of the various parks. Every park has a different appearance, also the visitor profile is different per park. Within the software of CCV Shop we have the flexibility to work with the different park and visitor needs. The parks can now determine their own offer, to meet the customer requirements. Each park has, of course, a basic product range, but it is easy to add specific products, such as local produce. When guests arrive that ordered products at their booking, they take this upon arrival to their accommodation. A similar process applies for breakfast: customers make their choice online and get the products delivered then the next morning."

What value did CCV Shop bring ?

"CCV Shop won our request for proposal, because they could guarantee both quality and speed. One of our criteria was that within a month and a half  a pilot had to be ready. This milestone was reached. The system offers all the options we were looking for. We can easily manage multiple stores and add various products and packages. The solution also allows us to connect with our app, a big plus. In short, the flexibility, quality and ease of use of the system led to our choice of CCV Shop.