Payment brands

With CCV Online Payments you can offer a wide set of payment brands to you customer. With our API we have made it easy to initiate a payment, get feedback and do the reconciliation. With the extensive backoffice functionality you can view the data at a glance.


Payment brand



Ideal is the preferred online payment method in The Netherlands . The Payments are guaranteed.


Mastercard is one of the largest globaly accepted co-branded card schemes.  It is a trusted payment method due to its extensive insurance options for their customers.


Visa is the largest global card network in the world. The Insurance for buyers is a very important benefit.


As consumers identify and pay via a username & password, the convenience of this payment method is clearly proven. A consumer can link several debit and credit cards to the wallet as well as a checking account.



VPay is Visa's debet brand.


With more than 100 million issued cards, Girocard is the most common debit card in Germany and Austria. Girocard benefits from the growing acceptance of card based payments. It's online equivalent is Giropay.



As a debit scheme Maestro is immediately deducted form the checking account of the customer.


A populair creditcard with a global reach.


Bancontact is the preferred payment method in Belgium. It can be used in a POS and e-commerce environment. The payments are guaranteed and cannot be reversed


Apple Pay enables you to make secure, contactless purchases using any creditcard that you add to Wallet. This payment method is available in all countries and regions that support contactless payments.


carta si

CartaSi is a Visa / Mastercard co-branded card and the preferred payment method in Italy.


carte bancaire

Carte |Bancaire is a Visa / Mastercard co-branded card and the preferred payment method in France.



Dankort is a Visa / Mastercard co-branded card and the preferred payment method in Denmark.



SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a Direct Debit system which creates a standardized payment infrastructure within the E.U. SEPA allows both one-off and recurring payments, making it an all-round solution for businesses which are active in Europe.


Bank Transfer (or wire transfer) is a payment method that allows consumers to transfer money to any bank in the world. The consumer is provided with the unique details of the bank account where they can make their payment. The consumer will then complete the transaction in any way they prefer to pay, e.g. by telephone, mail or through their online banking package.