Offering Apple Pay in your webshop

As a webshop owner, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay. This increases the chances of purchase and your conversion rate. Be sure not to overlook Apple Pay:

  • Cards or ereaders are unnecessary
  • Increased turnover and average order value
  • One-time registration Apple Pay account required

How does Apple Pay work?

With Apple Pay, you give customers the ability to pay online without an extra app, cards or hassle. Apple Pay is ready by default on their device (iPhone, Mac and iPad) and only needs to be linked once to a credit card (Visa and/or Mastercard).

On the product page

Clearly state on the product page that Apple Pay is one of the payment options. This increases the chance of purchase and thus your conversion rate.

In the check-out

The customer only needs to log into their Apple Pay account.  Apple Pay is on their device by default so they don't have to download an extra app, just confirm a payment with a tap or glance.

After the purchase

Once you have sent the online purchase, the payment period starts for the customer. They will find details of the payment transaction in their Apple Pay account.

Advantages of Apple Pay as an online payment method

  • Growing popularity with consumers (worldwide)
  • Works anywhere you can pay contactless
  • No extra payment app required. Apple Pay is on all Apple devices
  • Fast and easy online payments
  • Secure in all areas
  • Less external devices and therefore more hygienic


  1. After the shopping cart, the customer enters the usual checkout page.
  2. From the range of online payment methods, choose Apple Pay.
  3. If necessary, the customer enters the account, shipping address and contact details. Apple Pay stores these details so they are only asked once.
  4. Confirmation of payment via face recognition or fingerprint.
  5. Successful payment: ready + tick mark on the screen.

One-time registration

Paying with Apple Pay requires a one-time registration of your debit or credit card. In seconds, you add the desired payment card in the Wallet app of the Apple device. The physical card is then no longer needed, but you still benefit from linked loyalty points or discounts

How do I activate Apple Pay?

1. Do you already have CCV Online Payments?

Apple Pay can easily be requested in your MyCCV environment. Since you as a business owner are already familiar with CCV Online Payments, you can add Apple Pay as a payment method there.


2. No Online Payments or MyCCV environment yet?

To offer you as a business owner Apple Pay as an online payment method, it is necessary to register for a CCV Online Payments account.

What does Apple Pay cost as an online payment method?

Apple Pay acts as a wallet of other payment methods. So you pay no extra fees for using Apple Pay online or in apps, but the transaction cost of the chosen payment method.

As with all other online payment methods, CCV adheres to the principle of gross payment: as a business, you receive the full amount that the consumer pays you. Afterwards, we will send you a separate invoice for the transaction costs. This way, you keep a good overview of the payments and your accountant is happy too.

The most frequently asked questions about Apple Pay

  • How secure is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay makes paying easier: after a one-time registration, you no longer need cards or readers. Still, you shouldn't compromise on security. When making an online payment in Safari or apps, as a seller you only receive the necessary information to send the order: only name, email address, billing and shipping address.

    No transaction data is kept by Apple that can be traced back to the customer.

  • How do I activate Apple Pay on my webshop?

    Apple Pay can be easily applied for in your MyCCV environment. Since you are already familiar with CCV Online Payments, you can add Apple Pay as a payment method there. After a few days, Apple Pay will be available as a payment method for your customers.

  • How do I promote Apple Pay as a payment method in my webshop?

    Make sure the Apple Pay logo is clearly visible in customer communications, on your website, in the checkout or in the app.