Boost your business with Klarna

Paying later with Klarna means you can offer your customers the option to pay up to 30 days after making a purchase, which means they don’t have to pay until they have received their product.

  • Greater flexibility at your checkout
  • Increased turnover and average order value

How does Klarna work?

With ‘Pay later’, you give your customers the option to pay up to 30 days after making a purchase, so they can try out their items first. No interest or extra costs. Customers can opt to pay immediately with Klarna via the ‘Pay now’ option.

On the product page

Make sure your webshop clearly indicates that customers can pay later with Klarna. This increases your chance of a purchase: your conversion rate goes up.

At the check-out

Once your customer has entered a few simple personal details, the purchase is completed within a few seconds: no need for cards or readers..

After the purchase

As soon as you have dispatched the online purchase, your customer’s payment deadline begins. You are guaranteed to receive payment, regardless of whether Klarna has received the payment from the customer.

If customers select Klarna as their payment method when placing an online order in your webshop, they just need to enter a few details and complete the purchase. A Klarna account is needed for this (find out more about this in our FAQ).


What are the benefits?

The option to pay later with Klarna means greater flexibility at your checkout. You give customers time to decide whether the purchase is exactly what they are looking for with no interest or extra costs. This makes it attractive to add those extra items to the shopping basket. And for you as a business owner, there’s zero risk because you are guaranteed payment, irrespective of whether Klarna has received payment from the customer.


increase in average order value


increase in repeat purchases compared with immediate payments


increase in repeat purchases compared with immediate payments

How do you apply?

1.Have you already set up CCV Online Payments?

Klarna can easily be requested in your MyCCV environment. Since you’re already familiar with CCV Online Payments as a business owner, you can add Klarna as a payment method there.


2.Not yet set up Online Payments or MyCCV environment?

To offer you as a business owner Klarna as a payment method, you need to apply for a CCV Online Payments account.

What does it cost to have Klarna as an online payment method?

You pay €1 + 2.99%: fixed cost per transaction (€1) plus a percentage of the purchase amount (2.99%).

In common with all other online payment methods, CCV adheres to the principle of gross payments: as a business owner, you will receive the full payment that the customer pays to you. We will then send you a separate invoice for the transaction costs. You thus maintain a good overview of outgoing payments, and your accountant will be happy too.

The most frequently asked questions about Klarna

Klarna App

  • How does the Klarna app work?

    You can find full details of the Klarna app here.

  • How can a customer download the Klarna app?

    It’s easy for your customer to download the Klarna app in the App Store or from Google Play

Klarna activation

  • How do I activate Klarna as an online payment method in my webshop?

    If you’re already using CCV Online Payments as an online payments provider, the procedure is easy: log in to your personal MyCCV environment, and click on the Klarna icon. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation from our team.

    Are you using another online payment provider? You can easily switch to CCV Online Payments. You can create an account with no obligation. You pay nothing until you complete an online transaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you need any assistance.

Payment via Klarna

  • What will it cost me if I add Klarna as a payment method to my webshop?

    All you pay are the costs per transaction, which are a fixed fee per transaction (€1) plus a percentage of the purchase price (2.9%). You pay no set-up fees or start-up costs.

    With CCV, we make a gross payment: you are credited with the full amount that the consumer pays. Only afterwards will you receive a separate invoice for the transaction costs, which makes for simpler administration.

  • How can I as a business owner be certain that I will receive the purchase price?

    Klarna offers seller protection, taking on the credit and fraud risk so you can focus on your business. You are thus guaranteed to be paid, irrespective of whether Klarna has received payment from the customer.

  • What is the customer’s payment deadline?

    The payment deadline of 30 days starts as soon as the purchase is dispatched.

  • What is the payment process for customers?

    When ordering, the customer selects ‘Klarna: pay later’ as the payment method. The customer enters their details and completes the order.

    Customers create a Klarna account when they first place an order. When they create an account, customers provide their name, invoice address, date of birth, telephone number and email address.

    When placing a subsequent order, the customer simply needs to enter their email address, telephone number and date of birth. For security reasons, a verification code is shared via SMS.

    On placing the order, the customer receives a payment request via email. The amount is added to the sum owed in the customer’s Klarna account. When the due date is approaching, the customer receives a push notification to avoid late payment.

    The customer pays using their preferred method, either via the Klarna online customer portal or the Klarna app.

  • How do customers know that they are due to make a payment to Klarna?

    The customer can see all their purchases in the Klarna app, and choose how and when to pay for which purchase. Two days before the latest purchase payment date, the customer receives a friendly push notification.

Customer service

  • What about returns of items paid for via Klarna?

    Register the return with Klarna. Klarna will then update the invoice that’s sent to the customer.

  • What protection do buyers get?

    Klarna has a buyer protection policy for consumers. This provides your customer with a guarantee. If there are any problems with the purchase, the customer can report this in the app and Klarna will conduct a thorough investigation.

  • What happens if my customer has questions about making payments to Klarna?

    Klarna offers a 24/7 app chat service to respond to any questions.

  • What if something goes wrong with the customer’s payment?

    The customer can easily report this by simply clicking on a button in the Klarna app, and so trigger a thorough investigation.

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