CCV Fly A77, the first PIN pad with Android operating system

Future-proof hardware paired with Android operating system and our numerous software features result in a great all-rounder for the Point of Sale.

The CCV Fly A77 is the perfect combination of compact design, future-proof technology and innovation operating system, Android. Extend your POS beyond payment with a wide range of business apps.

  • One device for many business transactions: Extending the functions through Android business apps
  • Integrated barcode & QR code scanner on the device head
  • Certified according to the latest safety standards

In which industries can CCV Fly A77 help boost cashless payment?


No matter whether you are at the cash desk or on the store floor. Operation and checkout wherever the customer is at is no problem with the CCV Fly A77.


If the payment process takes place at the guest's premises, a mobile device is always an advantage. Thanks to the Android operating system, for instance, a checkout app can also be installed on the CCV Fly A77.

Delivery Services/Mobility Services

Switching from WiFi to 4G is as easy as with a smartphone. A large touchscreen and long-life battery make the CCV Fly A77 the perfect partner for delivery or mobility services.

Why is CCV Fly A77 the perfect solution for you?

A future-proof solution

The Android operating system plays a major role in this. The use of business apps provides additional functions without the need to invest in additional hardware. The CCV Fly A77 is not only the size of a smartphone, it also resembles the familiar user interface of a smartphone in operation.

And in combination with our own app store, the CCVStore, you can manage your Android smart terminals and business apps.

CCVStore - the B2B app store for Android payment terminals

Not only manages the apps, but is your terminal management system at the same time.

An Android-based platform naturally also needs its own B2B app store. In the CCVStore, the apps are not only made available for the terminal, but also pass through a security check by CCV beforehand.

Interested in the CCV Fly A77?

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