CCV Mobile Premium

 CCV Mobile Premium with 4G & WiFi is your perfect partner for cashless payments in numerous, mobile areas

The CCV Mobile Premium is one of the most compact and functional mobile payment terminals, which also shines with an extraordinarily elegant and high-quality design. The ability to switch instantly between 4G (with separate SIM card) and WiFi via softkey and the brilliantly clear, extra-large touchscreen make the CCV Mobile Premium the ideal companion for your business.

  • Easy switching between 4G and WiFi
  • High-definition multimedia touch screen in colour
  • Certified according to the latest safety standards

In which industries can CCV Mobile Premium boost cashless payment?

Delivery and mobility services

Because of 4G, integrated printer and long-life battery, the device can also be used on the road.

Restaurants and gastronomy

Thanks to the toggle switch, i.e. the simple switching between WiFi and 4G, it is also easy to serve guests outdoors.

Fashion and retail

No more queue busting - just serve the customer and allow him to make payments on the shop floor.

Why is CCV Mobile Premium the perfect solution for your business

Benefit from the mobile features

Fully equipped with fast printer, large touch screen and long-life battery. The CCV Mobile Premium is particularly suitable for delivery services or mobility services because of its mobile features. Cashless payment at the customer's door or at the farmers market? No problem!

Easy change from WiFi to 4G

Our CCV Mobile Premium includes both a WiFi module and a SIM card slot, and with our toggle switch you can easily switch between the two. Do you have an outdoor area, for example, and the WiFi range is not sufficient? No problem. With one click you can switch to 4G mode.

Approved according to the current safety standards

The CCV Mobile Premium is certified according to the current security standards. It is also approved, but does not have a bulky screen. This makes it handy and practical in use, and its elegant design inspires confidence.

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