Meet CCV Edge IM15, make open loop payment easy for EV-Charging

Unattended self-service payment terminal for contactless payments

CCV Edge IM15 with its compact and small design and a 3.5" colour touchscreen is the perfect payment complement for your EV charging station. In addition to an integrated contactless reader, it also has a virtual PIN-Pad and supports open loop payments (like girocard) as well as closed loop payment systems.

Combine hardware, software, processing and acquiring  by CCV and empower your EV charging station for 2023.

  • PIN on glass | prevents consumers from ‘can’t pay situations’ as it enables contactless payments with PIN on demand
  • Compact | the all-capabilities terminal design fits even into small machines and into standard cut-outs
  • Adaptable | terminal can be installed flexibly, in landscape or portrait format
  • Connectivity | it connects anywhere with its multiple built-in interfaces and optional 4G interface for remote locations
  • One exit point for all cards | support of open (like girocard) & closed loop payment

Why is CCV Edge IM15 the perfect solution for you?

Accept open & closed loop payment systems

Whether you want to open up payments for ad-hoc users, or keep the system closed for loyal customers, CCV will provide the technology you need.


Perfect for the coming German 'Ladesäulenverordnung' and other regulations

As of 1 July 2023, all newly installed EV-charging stations must be equipped with a payment terminal. Barrier-free payment, with credit or debit card, must be possible at every e-charging point.


Clear and transparent pricing for your customers

With the CCV Edge IM15, the price per kWh can be clearly displayed on the touch screen. No unwelcome surprises.


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Learn more about the IM15

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Get in contact with us!

Do you have a question regarding this payment solution and the opportunities for your business? Please get in touch with one of CCV’s mobility experts.

Maria Joukovitch

Head of Sales - Mobility

Niek Seuren

Sales Lead EV-Charging

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