CCV InSync C - Contactless Only

An affordable and flexible solution for your self service solution.

The self-service payment terminal CCV InSync C is an inexpensive and flexible contactless only solution for small amounts. The ultra-compact design makes this terminal a real eye-catcher. But the device is not only visually appealing; thanks to its low installation depth, the CCV InSnyc C also fits into existing EVA cut-outs, making it very time- and cost-efficient in terms of integration.

  • Space saving: Ultra compact design and low installation depth.
  • Secure: Features high-end security which complies with industry standards.
  • Time saving: Fits into already existing cut outs.

In which industries can CCV InSync C boost cashless payment?


Equip your vending machine with the CCV InSync C for easy contactless payment.


Grow your parking brand with smart payment solutions.

Wash Boxes

Accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones.

Why is CCV InSync C the perfect solution for you?

The low-cost way to start cashless payment

The InSync C self-service terminal is the contactless version of our compact and inexpensive unattended terminal for payment without a PIN. It combines control electronics, display, and contactless reader for the acceptance of purely contactless payments with the Girocard, credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Reaching customers through beacon technology

Customer approach made easy with the integrated beacon technology. The terminal supports the owner of the self-service devices in everyday advertising with intelligent push notifications that are sent via Bluetooth to the end devices of customers in the immediate vicinity. The content of these messages can be, for example, sales promotions or time-limited offers.

Easy integration & functionality

The support of the widely used interface standards ZVT, MDB, and O.P.I. make it the ideal terminal for many vending machines and kiosk solutions. Furthermore, it supports the special function for controlling pulse interfaces. With this function, the terminal can be connected like a coin checker. The use of simple controls without a cash register interface makes it possible to offer card payment for these applications as well.


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