Meet CCV OPM-C60 & COR

The contactless duo for easy, fast, and secure contactless payments.

Especially in hectic, high-frequency locations, you need a payment method that is fast, simple, and secure. We saw the potential for contactless payment from the start because it makes the payment process in the customer journey much more convenient. Mobile payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay have now pushed contactless payment even further.

Offer your customers fast, convenient, and hygienically safe contactless payment. Whether it's at a snack machine, the e-charging or petrol station, or in the parking segment.

  • Fast, safe, convenient, and hygienic
  • Pay up to €50 without PIN
  • Installation in standard EVA cutouts
  • Features high-end security which complies with industry standards

Where the contactless duo OPM-C60 & COR boosts contactless payment


Equip your vending machines with contactless payment solutions.


Grow your EV-Charging brand with smart payment solutions.


Accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones.

Why is the CCV COR + OPM-C60 the perfect solution for you?

The control module that has everything under control

The OPM-C60 is identical in construction to the CCV OPP-C60 PIN-Pad. In contrast to the OPP, however, the OPM module operates inside the machine. Well hidden, the OPM together with the contactless reader COR takes care of the processing of contactless payments at your vending machine, charging station, or ticket machine. There are no limits to the possible applications.

Two variants for a wide range of applications

With the three different versions of the COR (A10, A20), you have a variety of possible applications. The design is the same for the two variants and is extremely space saving. Our contactless readers can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problems. Also they fit into EVA-Standard cut outs.

Contactless on the go

The LED status bar and an acoustic note signal that the payment process is successfully completed. If, for example, the card or smartphone is removed from the card reader too quickly, the acoustic and visual signals indicate that the payment process has been aborted. In the A20 version, the LCD screen provides support here and gives instructions to the consumer.

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