Meet CCV OPP-C60, SCR-C & COR, the convenient payment solution

Benefit from the market leader products for your self service solution.

May we introduce our unattended payment solutions  PIN-Pad OPP-C60, Contactless Reader COR and the High-Secure Card Reader SCR-C? Already successfully established in the market in this combination. Equip your self-service solution with this unattended payment module and offer your customers cashless, contactless, hygienically secure payment. Our OPP-C60 is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use, thus resisting wind, weather, and vandalism (thanks to IP 65 protection class).

  • Proven quality: The OPP-C60 PIN-Pad has been successfully used in the market for many years.
  • Secure: The payment components are certified according to the current security standards.
  • Perfect combination with chip and magnetic strip reader and contactless reader. The OPP-C60 PIN pad can be used with the SCR-C and the contactless reader COR.

In which industries can CCV OPP-C60, SCR-C & COR boost cashless payment?


Offer your customers cashless payment at your vending machines.


Grow your EV-Charging brand with smart payment solutions.


Accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones.

Why is CCV OPP-C60, SCR-C & COR is the perfect solution for you?

A future-proof solution

Our OPP-C60 is available in three different installation dimensions: Compact - Standard - 7000. These also correspond to the industry standard EVA cutouts.
Three different installation sizes means there is always a product that best suits your solution.

Best-in-class security

In combination with the SCR-C card reader, the OPP-C60 PIN-Pad represents a good entry-level solution for cashless payments. The card reader also meets the highest security standards.

Not only cashless, but also contactless

Add the Contactless Only Reader COR to get the perfect cashless payment trio!

The CCV COR - Contactless Only Reader - provides your customers with a convenient contactless payment experience. The modular application enables you to offer not only cashless payment, but also contactless payment.

Suited for indoor & outdoor use

Thanks to the brilliant color display and the large font on the OPP-C60 display, payment instructions - such as PIN entry, card insertion, card holding - can be read without any problems whether you are inside or outside.

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