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Electric cars are on the rise. And as a result, the demand for charging stations is too. In today’s economy where many services are easily accessible and costs are transparent, it’s no surprise that electric drivers are having high expectations.

Being able to pay for power usage in a fast and reliable way, is precisely what electric drivers are expecting. We have developed a solution tailored to the needs of all modern drivers: a smooth customer experience, fast and easy payment and perfectly aligned with your processes.

Grow your EV charging brand with smart payment solutions

Mobility has changed, and electric vehicles are taking over European roads. EV charging payments are important for charging station operators and service stations in the journey towards interoperability; facilitating payment for everyone - everywhere. CCV technology will unlock bank card, mobile payments, loyalty schemes, and many more ways of payment for your EV charging solution

Introducing the IM30

Gamechanger in cashless payments for EV

CCV’s IM30 terminal is the best solution, providing your customers the full scope of payment options of their choice using contactless, contact and Magstripe including the possibility for entering PIN.

This payment solutions enables endless possibilities within EV charging solutions. Connect the IM30 to one fast charger (DC) or to 20 slow chargers (AC), it’s up to you. Looking for options to provide discounts via QR codes or using their loyalty card? The IM30 can do it all.

IM30 Product page

Learn more about the features and functionalities!

Contactless only

One of the most requested solutions in the market is the ‘contactless only’. Via a simple tap & go we create a fast and convenient payment solution. How does it work? A fixed amount will be reserved on the card, beforehand. After the session has ended, only the used amount of KWh will be charged. This is particularly convenient for transactions below €50-€25 euros. Also, there is the possibility to offer your customers a receipt after the transaction.

QR payments

Some situations don’t allow a physical terminal or payment hardware to be integrated. However, that doesn’t mean that your customers can’t pay with their bank card. We offer a QR solution where you simply display a QR code on the charger that allows the customer to scan & pay with a mobile phone. Afterwards, customer can receive the receipt or e-receipt. Simple and secure.

App payment

Offering your customers an app for handling all EV charges, it’s only convenient to integrate a payment option using tokenization. This way the customer can save their bank card on the app and use it when paying for charging. CCV facilitates easy and secure in-app payments through tokenization.  


Open or closed?

Whether you want to open up payments for ad-hoc users, or keep the system closed for loyal customers; CCV will provide the technology you need. Our payment solutions can be adapted to any EV charging business model, giving you true freedom to grow.


Our payment technology will ensure you can accept every customer’s preferred type of payment. EV drivers are often cashless, and demand modern solutions for mobile and bank card payments. We’ve also got you covered for app-based payments and e-receipts.

Fully integrated

We integrate your EV charging payment solutions with back-end systems, and providing you with valuable insights on sales and transaction data. You will know more about your customers and their habits, and be able to offer loyalty incentives and create tokenised payment environments.

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