The Future of Mobility: Industry Expert Insights

We’ve interviewed 9 industry experts, so you can learn more about the biggest mobility trends right now.

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Parking payments have evolved quickly. In an increasingly cashless society, car park operators need to accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones. Parking meters and access control systems have become smarter, and enforcement is now connected.

#1 Smart parking

Smart parking centres on improving the driver experience. Our parking technology makes payment seamless, whether it’s through connected ANPR, subscription, tokenisation, or card and mobile payments. CCV is your payments partner for the smart parking era.

#2 Cashless parking

Payment solutions have been evolving with technological advances, delivering on the market needs of convenience, ease of use, and security. Cashless and seamless solutions can easily be implemented in extensive parking solutions, with many of them already being in use right now.

payments-as-a-service parking

#3 On-street & Off-street

Off-street parking has a big future, offering unique opportunities for parking brands to test new innovations. CCV helps provide a more integrated experience and value-added services for parking customers. Seamless payments, which require minimal-to-no user input, will be widely adopted in both on-street and off-street parking.

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Take a look at our blog for the latest news and trends in payments at parking. Learn more about GDPR in Parking, Payment as a Service in Parking and the story of contactless payments in the city of Amsterdam.

CCV’s IM30 terminal is the best solution

Providing your customers the full scope of payment options of their choice using contactless, contact and Magstripe including the possibility for entering PIN. This payment solutions enables endless possibilities within parking solutions. Smart parking, cashless, on-street and off-street parking: the IM30 can do it all.

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FAQ: parking solutions

  • What about dynamic pricing for my parking location?

    Dynamic pricing can reduce the car queues at peak times, and monetise the traditionally quieter periods. Our payments technology can be customised in any way you need, with different permissions, membership levels, and timed offers. Whatever you need for your parking organisation, CCV will help you. If you need dynamic pricing, we will make that happen.

  • Which added-value parking solutions can CCV offer?

    Our technology can be applied to parking-on-demand, and any convenient digital service you wish to offer customers. We can help you implement extra services such as VIP parking areas, or even implement special business models for frequent parking customers (e.g. discounts and dynamic offers), and we can help you create better service acceptance. CCV can help you set up loyalty schemes and integrate these with other business models to ensure maximum profitability.

  • Where can I learn more about payments in parking?

    We have published a number of interesting articles on the CCV blog. Firstly, Dimitri Wouters has picked apart 8 of the biggest myths about payments in parking. He explores whether cash is still king, and if contactless payment is universally welcomed. He also touches on technical compliance and innovation. Secondly, you might want to read another article by Dimitri, which focuses on payments-as-a-service in the parking industry. In this article, he explains how it works and how it benefits parking operators through reduced costs, better security, and more. Finally, Simon Wood looks at the role of GDPR in parking. He discusses the challenge of compliance, and why it might be better for parking operators to keep things simple to avoid exposure. This is a balanced view on the use of data in the parking industry.

  • Why should I choose CCV?

    CCV has worked in the parking industry for a long time. In cooperation with CCV, Q-Park was the first parking company in the Netherlands to make contactless payment possible at parking facilities. We’re constantly helping parking operators develop their payment infrastructure to make the customer experience better and faster, in a secure way. We simplify the paperwork for businesses with global operations, with a single processing contract for all EU locations. Our technology connects you to multiple payments schemes and multiple acquirers. For more information, contact one of our parking experts below.

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Dimitri Wouters

International Account Manager

An accomplished expert and advisor in the field of payment, Dimitri works strategically to support a wide range of client businesses with a sharp aim at growth and success. His current professional interest lies with electronic payment in the Parking and Public Transport segment, ranging from terminals to mass transit transactions.