I want to see my benefits

  • Enable payment: consumers choose their preferred cashless payment method, be that credit/debit card, NFC or mobile. This way we’re eliminating the ‘no cash on hand‘ effect, adding more vends to any machine.
  • Higher sales: make your customers excited by providing maximum convenience and a great user experience.
  • Be part of the community: CCV Payment solution-driven vending machines can be integrated into hybrid locations, enabling the vending operator to become an integral part of and to leverage consumer streams and promotional campaigns within larger ecosystems and communities.

Get to know my customers

  • Engage with your consumers: by knowing your customers you create recurring sales through returning consumers.
  • Gain customer loyalty: CCV helps you get your machines integrated into loyalty and couponing programs.
  • Get your customers excited: build meaningful consumer relationships using relevant information and services.

I want to be in control

  • Better sales data: remote and instant data help you to understand your consumers’ preferences.
  • Happy hour: sales statistics enable on-demand dynamic pricing to drive your business.

I want to go global

  • Simplify paperwork: only a single processing contract for all EU locations.
  • International: CCV has made it easy to collect transactions from all your machines, wherever they are in Europe.
  • Any payment: with only one interface we connect you to multiple payment schemes and your preferred major acquirer.

How about services?

  • Gear up: our solution consultancy services provide you with the latest know-how around cashless payment integrations and the most profitable solutions.
  • Stay connected: use our wireless or cable-bound interfaces to upgrade any of your machines to make payment happen.
  • End-to-end service: use CCV’s business support services covering data transfers and payment transactions from card to acquiring.
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