Off-Street Parking

I want to see my benefits

  • Help customers to pay: eliminate ‘no cash on hand’ effect.
  • Gain customers: add closed consumer groups to your customer base.
  • Enjoy it: enable a convenient parking user experience.
  • Communicate: consumer engagement.
  • Be part of it: integration into hybrid locations.
  • New business: new big data-driven add-on business models.

Get to know my customers

  • Know your customer: CCV enables your loyalty programs to increase consumer loyalty to a specific site and even create brand recognition for your parking brand
  • Consumer behavior: who uses my services when?
  • Returning customers: understand which customers use your services repeatedly and with what frequency.

I want to grow my sites' value

  • Enable payment: consumers choose their preferred cashless payment method, be that credit/debit card, NFC or mobile. This way we’re adding convenience to your customers.
  • Add-on service: outstanding successful sites especially require CCV payment technologies to drive consumer convenience by offering reserved parking on demand.
  • Attractive: additional services beyond parking, such as VIP parking areas or special business models for frequent parking customers, create even better service acceptance.

I want to optimize my operations

  • Monitoring: automated remote terminal status monitoring helps you to know the system’s health at all times.
  • Machine heartbeat: instant terminal status alerts to maximize system availability for customer use anywhere in your infrastructure.
  • Accelerate cash flow: automated and secure daily transaction value stream to your bank account.

I want to go global

  • Simplify paperwork: only a single processing contract for all EU locations.
  • International: CCV has made it easy to collect transactions from all your machines, wherever they are in Europe.
  • Any payment: with only one interface we connect you to multiple payment schemes and your preferred major acquirer.
  • Business data: CCV provides an instant cascaded Reporting solution which truly reflects the business infrastructure.

How about services?

  • Gear up: our solution consultancy services provide you with the latest know-how around cashless payment integrations and the most profitable solutions.
  • Stay connected: use our wireless or cable-bound interfaces to upgrade any of your machines to make payment happen.
  • End-to-end service: use CCV’s business support services covering data transfers and payment transactions from card to acquiring.
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