Lesson 4: Sans Soleil and their Stand-Out CX Strategy

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Sans Soleil, owned by the lovely Sabrina Schiettecatte, is a spa with a difference, and this largely comes down to the amazing service they give their clients. Sabrina changed careers from a gas station employee fifteen years ago to follow her dream and build her wellness business in Oudenaarde, Belgium from scratch. She now has five employees and a thriving brand. Sabrina has kindly agreed to let us behind the curtain of her business and find out how retail works best when you exceed customer expectations.

Sans Soleil’s top advice for fuelling your CX strategy

Sabrina stresses that it all comes down to passion and really empathising with your customers. Even when you’re working long hours it’s essential that you’ve got the motivation to learn your customer’s wants and needs and to help in any way you can.

“Come and enjoy the peace you deserve” – is a key message of Sans Soleil.

And who doesn’t want to hear such a welcoming sentiment? We encourage you to find a similar message that makes your customers aware of how your brand will enhance their lives and that they more than deserve it!

Sans Soleil is now a complete beauty institute: wellness spa, tanning services, facials, massages, nails, makeup as well as foot care. Sabrina explains “our range of packages is indeed quite large and that’s something we’re proud of! We want everyone to find a wellness experience that fits their needs.”


Tip 1:

Building a Facebook post that drives sales

Let’s break down this Sans Soleil Facebook post to see how social media – when used well – helps a company provide a winning CX:

“Last minute…

Sauna is free due to a cancellation tonight … from 18:00 pm to 20:30 pm.

2 hours of sauna for 2 people for 100.00 €.

A magical moment with snacks and cooled cava!

Are you interested?”

Let’s break this down.

What are the opportunities are they providing their followers in this post:

-        Be spontaneous and enjoy a luxurious evening.

-        Connect with a loved one or friend

-        Grab a last-minute special offer

-        Go all-out with an upgrade to delicious food and sparkling wine

Of course, offering these deals to their clients makes sure that they’re getting the most out of their spa rooms too!

Tip 2:

Group experiences in retail

The group packages trend is something Sans Soleil are keenly aware of; they’ve got specialised experiences to cater to every type of relationship.

A new, and very popular CX that Sabrina has introduced to the spa is the children’s party package. The small party enjoys the relaxation room with treatments like rug massages, mini-manis and facials. Afterwards, Sabrina’s team go the extra mile by providing cake, icecream, snacks or whatever tickles their fancy. “Sometimes, we get moms asking to join their children in the photos. That’s not a problem at all for us!”, Sabrina laughs, but this is a great way to show the real people behind her brand.

Sans Soleil understands the value of bringing customers together. Experiential retail is a huge trend and there’s good reason why. It is the shift from the traditional features-and-benefit model to an approach that’s entirely focused on enhancing customer’s experience.

Finding and offering new experiences like this one to your customers is a game changer. Suddenly, you’re no longer in stiff competition because you’re offering an exclusive service.

Now, you may think that there’s no obvious way to do this in your field of retail. However, clothes boutiques can give 10% discount codes for customers to give to their family and friends.

A hardware store, for instance, can offer how-to days for couples looking to fix the broken shelf in the kitchen. They’re likely to pick up the materials and tools you suggested, and now know where to go for helpful DIY advice. Thinking outside the box with group experiences creates a strong brand personality – one that’s endearing and fosters customer loyalty.


Tip 3:

Being niche in your niche

Sabrina takes a bold approach that’s very different to the standard ethos of the beauty industry. She’s tackling the perfection culture created by the media and instead helping people find happiness with who they are. Sans Soleil doesn’t try to “fix” their clients but rather shows them their beauty – and emphasises that beauty is much more than skin-deep.

“Happy girls are the prettiest” is a core ethos of theirs that resonates with their customers on social media. A refreshing message like this one works well to make your brand stand out.


So, there you have it!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Sabrina for sharing her business experience and CX know-how with us. Keeping up with innovative brands such as Sans Soleil will give you the inspiration to explore different ways you can target your customers.


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