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The future of vending is cashless.

Learn how technology can help maximize vending profits.

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Vending Payment Solutions

Grow your vending business with smart payment systems

Vending has changed, and we've got you covered. With CCV payments technology, you will increase sales and reduce costs. You will accept contactless and mobile payments, build loyalty, unlock dynamic pricing, and track sales data through your own online portal.

CCV IM30 - the new solution for your vending machine

CCV IM30 - the new solution for your vending machine

Cashless vending

Fewer people carry cash, and this has changed the vending industry forever. With CCV vending solutions, you can accept contactless (NFC) bank cards and mobile payments. Cashless vending increases your sales and improves your efficiency.

Smart vending

Integrate contactless payments with connected (IoT) technology to optimise supply and maintenance, control dynamic offers, and improve the customer experience. CCV technology will help you move towards smart connected vending.


Varied vending

CCV payment solutions help you scale internationally. We work with European brands in healthy vending, food & drink refreshments, coffee machines, ticket machines, cigarette machines, micro markets, and even public photo booths.

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Payments are complex, and we know each vending business is unique. Our experts are here to discuss your custom needs. We aim to simplify the whole process, providing guidance on the best payments system for your vending infrastructure. Get in touch today.

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Customer quote:

“Cashless Vending becomes more important in Germany and CCV provided a multi-functional terminal we can use on all machines.” - Michael, operational manager


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