CCV’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Our work at CCV contributes to the continuity of many businesses, institutions and important public services - this remains our top priority. At the same time, we must protect our customers, our partners and our employees from the effects of the coronavirus breakout.

We are committed to acting responsibly and responsively in this very challenging and fast-evolving situation. Below you will find an overview of measures that we take in order to maintain the continuity of our business and services.

We continue to service our clients

  • Our premises are closed for visitors, however you can reach CCV by telephone. It may take a little longer before you can speak to a co-worker. We hope for your understanding;
  • We are also fully available via e-mail and chat on our websites;
  • If you work directly with an account manager, they will also be available by phone, email or teleconference.

Our field engineers continue their service, however the response time may be a bit longer and we might not be able to service your terminal during your peak business hours. Furthermore, we follow several prevention measures:

  • We ask you to sanitize your terminal(s) beforehand;
  • We ask you and your customers to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters;
  • Our engineer will sign the repair form or other relevant document - with your consent, as our customer. We do this to minimize contact between people. We will ask you for the last 3 digits of your identity document and write them down in the signature field.

Our measures to ensure continuity

In response to the measures announced by the governments of countries where CCV has operations, we have introduced the following measures:

  • We are monitoring the situation in the world and among our employees;
  • The majority of our employees are working from home, using a secure connection and desktop environment: confidentiality and data protection are guaranteed at all times;
  • The few employees who must work onsite follow strict prevention protocols;
  • We proactively inform our clients about changes in the situation via this website, social media channels and newsletters;
  • We are in contact with our suppliers and service partners to ensure continuity of supply of goods and services to CCV.

Our measures to ensure safety

We are a family business and we are known for our personal approach to customers as well as consideration for each. We find safely and well-being of our employees extremely important:

  • The majority of CCV employees work at home until further notice;
  • Teams that have a role in business-critical processes, which have to be carried out at the premises, work in shifts to prevent the spread of infection across these critical teams;
  • Trainings and job interviews will be held virtually whenever possible or cancelled unless there are convincing reasons for them to continue;
  • All international business travel is cancelled until further notice;
  • Our employees receive frequent updates and guidance on a dedicated intranet page;
  • We are prepared to follow further advice of national governments in countries of our operation to protect the health and safety of our employees.

For questions regarding our coronavirus response measures, please contact Corporate Communications at