Change in format of our transaction files

The format of our transaction files is changing.

In addition to the terminal, CCV can also support you as a payment provider with transaction processing. In this case, we may handle the processing of all transactions or only a portion of them. In the latter case, alongside CCV, another transaction processor will also be active on your device, and your transaction reporting will soon look slightly different.

As of April 1, 2024, CCV will only include transactions in the summary files for which a contract has been concluded with CCV and which are processed and paid out by us. Payments for which a processing contract has been concluded with another party can no longer be included in the transaction files you receive from us.

Which transactions will remain visible?

All transactions for which you have a processing contract with CCV will continue to be displayed in the familiar way in your transaction file. This can be a combination of these payments: Maestro, Bancontact, Vpay, Mastercard and Visa, depending on the payment methods you have activated with us.

Which transactions will disappear?

Transactions that do not fall within the CCV processing contract will disappear from the transaction file. This is the case if CCV processes your debit payments (Maestro, Bancontact, Vpay) but another processor such as EMS, Concardis or Elavon handles the processing of your credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard).

Can I access the information elsewhere?

To access transactions information via another transaction processor other than CCV, you can contact the relevant party or access have a look in your MyCCV account. Because our payment terminals communicate directly with our customer portal MyCCV, we can display transactions through third parties in the online transaction overview.

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