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The word is out - CCV has a new visual identity. We are proud and excited, because this brand so accurately reflects who we are and what we do. And of course, we can’t wait to let you in on the celebrations: read on to find out more!

Out now: CCV Pulse trend report 2022

Payment no longer stands alone - it is deeply intertwined with customer loyalty, sustainable behaviours, marketing activities, and many other key aspects of commerce. Learn more about this interconnectedness in payment in our new trend report for 2022.

Self-service cashless payment solutions

The self-service industry has experienced strong growth in recent years. Cashless payment is particularly important here as well: Smooth, simple, secure payment - that's what matters. With its unattended payment solutions, CCV has been successfully represented in different self-serivce markets for many years.

Online payment solutions

When online and offline commerce merge into multiple payment flows, you need a payment service provider that can handle both and in a robust and flexible way. With years of experience as payment service provider, CCV is the excellent partner for large, mid-size and smaller businesses.

Customer engagement

You can build a business on engaged customers. But are you aware of their ever-changing desires? Are you aware of what motivates them, allowing you to respond to precisely the right emotion? It’s possible. We have different tools in our portfolio to make this happen.


Developer portal

From the first orientation on a product to the payment. Every consumer travels along this road while shopping. From a merchant point of view this road is full of drop-out moments. Using our flexible payment APIs merchants can optimise their payment process, in store, online and in self-service settings.

COVID-19 update

We must protect our customers, our partners and our employees from the effects of the coronavirus breakout.

Mobility solutions

Self-service solutions for your business. Fast, secure and future-proof cashless payment solutions.

Android terminals

We have summarised the advantages and added values working with android-based terminals.

Unlocking the power of payment. Together

CCV is a European provider offering end-to-end payments at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

From convenient online payments to powerful in-store and self-service solutions.

Together with our large enterprise and SME clients we have been pioneering the digital payment industry for over 60 years.  Our success is based on innovation in combination with long-standing cooperation with our customers.