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COVID-19 update

we must protect our customers, our partners and our employees from the effects of the coronavirus breakout.

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Mobility solutions

Self-service solutions for your business Fast, secure and future-proof cashless payment solutions.

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Meet CCV IM30

Are you ready for the future in self-service payment? We are. Meet CCV IM30, our next-generation payment terminal.

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Self-service cashless payment solutions

The game changer in cashless payment! Fully customizable, CCV IM30 will help you create the seamless purchase experience that your customers will love. See the possibilities our products offer.

Omnichannel, A powerful combination

Viewing the collection on your mobile phone, heading to the shop to try on a dress, buying two versions on the website that evening, and then returning one to a different shop. That is the new normal. And it is extremely powerful.

Customer engagement

You can build a business on engaged customers. But are you aware of their ever-changing desires? Are you aware of what motivates them, allowing you to respond to precisely the right emotion? It’s possible. We have different tools in our portfolio to make this happen.

Developer portal

From the first orientation on a product to the payment. Every consumer travels along this road while shopping. From a merchant point of view this road is full of drop-out moments. Using our flexible Payment APIs merchants can optimize their payment process, in store, online and in self-service settings.

Passionate about entrepreneurship

At CCV we feel entrepreneurship is the driver for success in every company. We want to help you strengthen it. We monitor relevant developments, and provide you with meaningfull insights. Our solutions facilitate the total customer journey. Generating maximum opportunities for your business. Your success is our success.

Your success is our success

Our promise

Using a pro-active approach, we apply all of our expertise and experience to give you relevant information and inspiring insights. This way, you are prepared for the future and you can do business energetically, efficiently and even more successfully.

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Video: let’s get acquainted

Video: let’s get acquainted


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