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With a growing number of payment methods available, the modern Public Transport commuter wants to pay for their journeys in a smart, secure, and convenient manner — whether that’s online with a credit card or onboard with a contactless card, smartphone, or smartwatch.

CCV is at the forefront of making this happen. We support operators, integrators, and governments by providing best-in-class payment solutions for various Public Transport environments. From ticket machines and inspection devices to online payment gateways for web and mobile platforms, we make paying for transport easier than ever before. Our focus is on exceptional customer experience, and we offer a selection of payment methods to best serve current and future travellers. We’re also the advice and knowledge partners in this field, ensuring seamless integrations with other systems and parties.

✔️ Partners in payment:
Whether online or onboard, we make Public Transport payments smooth, simple, and stress-free.

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Our experts help you navigate complex payment legislation and banking integrations with ease.

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Why stop at payment? Our added value services can elevate your customer experience to new heights.

Let's simplify your business

Let's simplify your business

Let's simplify your business

We’ve got a solution for every Public Transport payment challenge

Payment acceptance

From basic features to full-featured, our payment terminals are suitable for the local, national, and international markets. Our Android devices open doors to new possibilities, such as:

  • A platform as a validator
  • A platform as an inspection device

These platforms offer a solid basis for the traditional Mifare/QR code systems, but can also be extended to be used for cEMV Account Based Ticketing systems. This makes it possible to run both closed-loop and open-loop systems.

Flexible, intuitive, secure and intelligent — it’s everything you need.



Effortlessly receive contactless payments on smartphones or tablets via an Android app.

It can run on consumer devices and on enterprise devices (like Zebra and Honeywell). This is a complete setup, including processing towards acquirers.

A standard tablet or telephone can be used as follows:

  • As an inspection device by running an inspection application from the operator
  • To pay fines or buy products

Future-proof your payments with SoftPOS.

Payment Service Provider

Arrange online payments via the CCV payment gateway.

This gateway combines all payment flows on a central platform that’s hosted by CCV in the Netherlands and Germany.

We are proud of the high availability of these systems:

Reliable, online and secure.

Payment methods that exceed expectations

People who travel by public transport expect their journey to be as fast, safe, and smooth as possible. And they also expect to make fast, safe, and smooth payments, whether that’s from your website before they leave, at the station or ticket machine, or onboard your vehicle. We help you exceed their expectations with smart and secure payment methods for every scenario.



Our top payment solutions for public transport


The game changer in cashless payment

This brand-new terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation and use of applications.

  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • You can use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards

CCV IM15 series

A compact terminal for the unattended market

A compact terminal for the unattended market, initially designed for EV Charging, but will be available for other market segments also.

  • Compact design
  • Contactless reader & virtual PIN-Pad
  • It accepts open loop (like girocard) & closed loop payment systems
  • It’s secure based on the highest industry standards

OPP-C60, SCR-C and COR

The convenient payment solution

Equip your self-service solution with this unattended payment module and offer your customers cashless, contactless, hygienically secure payment.

  • A future-proof solution: various installation sizes
  • Perfect combination with PIN pad, chip and magnetic strip reader SCR-C and contactless reader COR
  • Suited for indoor & outdoor use: easy to read - even in direct sunlight

Meet our Android payment solutions

Let's simplify your daily business with the latest payment technology.

Our terminals have a long battery life, a large touchscreen, a built-in camera, and 4G & Wi-Fi connections as standard.

The whole system works on Android and is certified according to the latest security standards.

Watch our short video to see the possibilities of this convenient and flexible solution for yourself.

Our Android payment solutions

Our Android payment solutions

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