Our payment solution and services for small and medium businesses

With our knowledge and experience, we provide various industries with the most suitable payment solution.

We use our knowledge and experience every day to provide all our customers with the most suitable payment solution: in various sectors and with a wide range of services. We are happy to help you further.


To start a business, you need to overcome lots of hurdles. Payment doesn’t have to be one of them. With CCV as your experienced and trusted partner, you can start accepting payment quickly, conveniently, and affordably – whether you’re selling offline or offline.

Small and medium retail

CCV provides retail SMEs with a variety of reliable and affordable payment solutions, including countertop and mobile payment terminals, smartphone solutions, gift cards and our webshop platform. As a CCV partner, your retail business can offer its customers a seamless payment experience.

Hospitality and restaurants

CCV has wide experience in hospitality, providing hotels, restaurants, and cafés with all-in-one payment solutions for contactless, PIN, and eCommerce transactions – as well as software-based solutions to turn your own mobile device into a future-proof payment terminal.

Beauty and health

You too can offer your customers the option of cashless payment - whether by debit card, credit card or mobile payment. With the CCV payment solutions, you can accept card payments quickly, easily and securely as a beauty salon or hairdresser.

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